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Random Ramsdom 18 September: Rams Ready to Break Out

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Challenge for Rams: Get to Cousins | 101 ESPN

Considering the mismatch in the trenches, that shouldn't be much of a challenge.

Bunch of Firsts in Rams Season Opening Win | 101 ESPN

Some of these stats are downright scary.

Vermeil Impressed with Crowd Showing | AP

He's an eternal optimist, but it likely won't be enough for St Louis

Brockers Adopts Short Term Memory | ESPN

He understands that he's left with the scraps - and he's OK with that.

Jeff Fisher Putting his Troll Face Away | ESPN

Unfortunately, Fish won't be modifying the captains for this rendition of Rams-Redskins.

Tru Cleared for Practice...That doesn't Happen | ESPN

He would have practiced which - according to Fisher - is a good thing.

RGIII Trade Helped Form Rams OL Too | ESPN

They has so much roster certainty from that trade that they were able to go all-in on OL - albeit 2 years late.

Wagoner's Take on Rams New-Age Teaching | ESPN

Earlier this week, 3k threw up a link to THIS Wall Street Journal piece about the Rams catering to Millenials. True to form, ESPN is a few days late.

Redskins Wary of Tavon | Fox Sports

He's burned them for a 75 yard return last year. Hopefully he will do so again this weekend.

Last Year was the Year of Rookie WRs, Could 2015 be Year of RBs? | Grantland

Todd Gurley will have something to say about this when he gets on the field.

Fisher: Seahawks Got Away With Penalty on Onside Kick | PFT

The Rams coach says the NFL contacted him and confirmed that there should have been a flag for illegal contact after the pseudo-fair catch by Bradley Marquez.

Tavon on Brink of Monster Year | Ramblin Fan

If Week 1 is any indication, Tavon is going to enjoy a breakthrough season.

Fisher Adjusting Practice Schedule | STL Today

Old news....

Redskins "Pretty Tired" of Losing | STL Today