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St. Louis Rams vs. Washington: Official Hypothetical Thursday Injury Report

Well, this is weird.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

So the Rams modified their practice schedule this year because Jeff Fisher gonna do Jeff Fisher, reasons be damned. Instead of the usual Wednesday-Thursday-Friday routine, the Rams are going with a Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday trio.


Fisher gave some soft allusions toward "energy" levels, but I'm hard pressed to believe they've unlocked some secret to physical fitness and stamina levels that the other 31 teams haven't.

In any case, it affects the injury report in a pretty unusual way. The Wednesday report used to cover the first practice of the week; Bate's piece from this AM on yesterday's report covered the Rams second practice. The Thursday injury report that the rest of the league uses for the second practice came with this disclaimer today since the Rams are off:

Rams 2015 Thursday Injury Report Disclaimer

Jeff Fisher sees your mind games and raises them 100_emoji.

Here's your official hypothetical St. Louis Rams Thursday injury report:

Name POS Injury Wed. Status Thu. Status
Chase Reynolds RB Knee DNP DNP
Eugene Sims DE Knee DNP DNP
Trumaine Johnson CB Concussion Limited Full
Daren Bates LB Knee Full Full
Tre Mason RB Thigh Full Full
Todd Gurley RB Knee Full Full

How Fisher and staff estimate Tru's psychomedical wellbeing on a day off is beyond me, but concussions+the NFL=nope, not happening. The real key is that the Rams are essentially down to two guys being unavailable in Reynolds and Sims. Impactful injuries to be sure, but fans should be plussed by the small size there.

Here's what Washington's looking at:

Name POS Injury Wed. Status Thu. Status
DeSean Jackson WR Hamstring DNP DNP
Justin Rogers CB Foot DNP DNP
Martrell Spaight LB Concussion DNP DNP
Terrance Knighton DT Rib DNP Limited
Tom Compton T Calf Limited Limited
Jordan Reed TE Quad -- Limited
DeAngelo Hall CB Rib Limited Full
Kory Lichtensteiger C Finger Limited Full
Trent Williams T Ankle Limited Full
Jackson Jeffcoat LB Thigh Full Full

A couple big names to keep an eye on here, especially with TE Jordan Reed added. Still, they're going into Friday with just three guys out (and we knew DeSean Jackson is going to be sidelined for a while), so it's not a horrorshow here for Washington either.

Eyes wide for tomorrow's final report heading into the game on Sunday.