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Random Ramsdom 17 September: Rams Look to Avoid Trap Game in Washington

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Rob Carr/Getty Images

Shift in Mentality Led to Week 1 Win | 101 ESPN

Though the team scared the fans, It wasn't the SOSAR against the Seahawks

Win Provides Reprieve for Rams Fans | 101 ESPN

Relocation drama has taken it's toll on the city of St Louis. Sunday's win provided a bit of relief - albeit brief - for the downtrodden fans.

Foles' Toughness was Key Component of Sunday's W | 101 ESPN

The new Rams QB was battered by the Seahawks on Sunday, but always bounced back.

Gurley, Mason Full Practice Participants; Tru Limited | AP

The big story here is Todd Gurley. Is Fisher seriously considering playing him or is it a ruse to throw the Redskins off the Rams gameplan? For what it's worth though, he took snaps with the 1st team offense.

Rams, Chargers Reps won't Make Presentation at Owner's Meeting | AP

The NFL at it's finest here...

We will See the Biggest Positional Mismatch this Weekend | Bleacher Report

No surprise that the Rams hold the advantage in the trenches. Expect the Rams DL to wreak havoc in the Redskins backfield on Sunday.

Game Preview | Bleacher Report

Everything BR thinks that you need for the game. For what they're lacking...visit THIS site.

Rams Still Divisive in Power Rankings | Bleacher Report

Votes ranged from 8 to 21, with the average placing the Rams 18th.

This Team isn't Your SOSAR | Cover 32 Rams

The Rams showed a sense of determination and grit that has been missing from recent Rams squads.

Warner, Pace on Initial List for HOF | ESPN

Other notable former Rams are Kevin Greene, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt. You can view the full list here.

Rams Must Put Win Behind Them... | ESPN

In order to focus on fixing mistakes.

Refs Should Have Guidance via Headsets | ESPN

Can someone email this link to Jeff Triplette?

Tre Mason Says He's Ready | ESPN

Of course he is. The lingering question is whether fellow RB Todd Gurley will join him.

#MobSquad | ESPN

The origins are from..... Wikipedia? Works for me!

Playoff Odds | Football Outsiders

It's never too early to look at playoff odds. Projections have the Rams averaging 9.5 wins and WINNING THE DIVISION. PFF agrees that the Rams D makes them contenders for the division crown.

Rams Leary of Letdown in Week 2 | Fox Sports

As well they should be. This team has a history of playing to the level of it's competition.

Dedication | The MMQB

I've flown that far before.... it's no fun.

Austin Davis Taking 1st Team Reps |

God bless the Browns. They try so hard... But I'll admit that I'd rather Have Davis than Manziel at QB.

Loss won't Spurn Seahawks to Bring Chancellor Back |

He's been ruled out for Week 2 and you have to wonder... will he play at all this season?

Top Plays from Week 1 | PFF

I was expecting a play on there from the Rams game, but I wasn't expecting THIS one. I gotta say though... that's the prettiest Rams pass I've seen in a looooooooooooong time.

Could 'Skins Ground Game Challenge Rams? | Ramblin Fan

Alfred Morris is no slouch, but with Desean Jackson sitting this one out he will be facing a stacked box all afternoon.

Foles Impressed Week 1 - Was Right Call | St Louis Rams Official Website

I don't think anyone is questioning the moves made to acquire/extend him after what Nick Foles did on Sunday.

Rams OL Effective in Opener | AP

I'd prefer to say that they were effective enough in the opener. They have a lot of work to do.

Roberson Meets Challenge | StL Today

Marcus Roberson performed admirably when Trumaine Johnson left Sunday's win with a concussion.

JL55 Closing in On Team Record | StL Today

It's no surprise that the Rams tackling machine is approaching the teams all-time tackles record.