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Rams vs. Redskins: Five Rams Players to Watch

After the win at home in Week 1, the Rams are going on the road to seek win No. 2

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

After the Week One win over the defending NFC West Champions, the St. Louis Rams look to continue their high ride into the nation's capitol against the Washington Redskins.

So without further ado, here are your five players to watch:

Players to Watch

Tavon Austin

Tay Awesome showed out in the first game of the season.Austin scored twice last week on a 16-yard run and a 75-yard punt return. He hushed many of his doubters. Now he just has to show consistency.

Tavon caught two passes. One went for seven yards. The other, a loss of nine. Austin's "other" punt return went 40 yards – horizontally – but only six yards vertically.

For Tay to truly be Awesome, he has to continue having not only big plays, but also those moderate plays. He is going to have plays that do not yield results, but has to keep those bust plays at a minimum.

Aaron Donald

Ted was out to prove his rookie year was only the beginning. And that, he did.

Aaron Donald had five solo tackles, nine in total versus the Seahawks. Three of those tackles were for a loss. He sacked Russell Wilson twice, hit him three other times.

Donald is a wrecking ball at DT. He penetrates and disrupts just about everything – both the run and the pass. Just look at how many times he and Michael Brockers stuffed Seattle's runners.

He should have plenty of opportunities to keep doing his thang against Washington.

Nick Foles

Flashbacks of Sam Bradford ran through my head when Nick Foles got up slowly after being bombarded by Seattle's defense. He got up holding his right shoulder.

Oh fuck, here we go again. Bring in Case Keenum. Not quite yet.

He got beat up, stomped on, chewed up, and spat on, but Foles never gave up. That is a quality quarterbacks need to have, and it is a good thing Foles' possesses that trait.

Nick clearly needs to continue building chemistry with his team. He under threw Austin one a deep route. He over threw Stedman Bailey on an out route. He and center Tim Barnes botched a snap. These are all things that are correctable with repetition.

As long as the Rams win more than lose, we will more than gladly come along this road with Foles.

Rob Havenstein

Rob and a solid debut against the Seahawks. There were a few occasions when I saw his body being pushed back into the pocket. However, this portion of PTW is more about the entire offensive line than Havenstein.

The offensive line allowed just two sacks but Foles was under constant fire. He was hit and pressured throughout the entire game.

The line struggled to open up running lanes as well. The team struggled in the running game, averaging 2.9 yards as a whole. In fact, the only run longer than nine yards was Tavon's 16-yard score. That has to change for this power run offense to be complete.

Robert Quinn

After not tacking on a sack in the first five games of last year's season, Robert Quinn wasted no time this time around. He racked up two, to be exact, and he will look to pick up more this Sunday.

Quinn will be the focus of multiple double teams against the Redskins. He will also draw plenty of holding calls.Some will be flagged, others will be completely missed. No worries. Quinn will still sack ya ass.

Plus, with the the talent the Rams have along the defensive line, Robert will surely have a shot or two at one on one match ups against left tackle Trent Williams. I'm sure he will be licking his chops when he sees those.


So that's it for this week's PTW. Have a different player to add? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Go at it in the comments!