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Humpday Evening Open Thread 9/16: Movies, Burgers, & Rams vs. Redskins

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Happy humpday, Rams’ fans.  Hopefully this Wednesday evening finds you well.  Has the excitement of Sunday’s game worn off yet?  I woke up this morning at 5:30a, for no reason at all, and watched the Rams’ game in it’s entirety.  What a way to start the day!

Now, let’s keep it Ramsdom, PM style...

Greatest Football Movie of All Time?

Remember the Titans?  Any Given Sunday?  Rudy?  Little Giants?  Varsity Blues?  Water Boy? We Are Marshall?  The Replacements?  That movie with Armadillos and the hot kicker?  Other?

There can only be one...

Who Has The Big Day, Offensively, For the Rams on Sunday?

The folks over at Hogs Haven have a post up today about which player they should be focused on/worried about this weekend.  That player:  Jared Cook.  He’s only had a two-TD game twice in his against the Skins.  Did they get it right?

What Did You Want to Be When You Were a Kid?

I wanted to be a firefighter.  I think it was Backdraft where they were talking about how fire hides in the walls and stuff.  Fire is scary enough on it’s own.  I don’t need to be messing with hiding fire.  I need to spray it from the ground like in the cartoons.

Best Burger You’ve Ever Had?

There are probably places I’ve never heard of, and have no business being in, and then there are places that serve super delicious ham/cheeseburgers.  Places where I can also get fries and a drink, hand them a $10 bill and they hand me change.

It doesn’t have to be cheap.  It doesn’t have to be greasy.  But what location serves you your burger of choice?

If You Could Be a Fan of Any Other NFL Team It Would Be...

Let’s face it, there are folks out there that may already root for two teams.  I know a guy who’s a Jets and Giants fan.  I’m not sure how that happens, but I suppose it does.  So if the Rams were to seriously piss you off by, let’s saying, not going to the playoffs for a decade, and you were fitting to pick you another team, which one would be it?

I know I’ve Mentioned I Love The Outdoors, and It’s Been A While Since I’ve Watched This Video...But I’ve Always Found it Hilarious.

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