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2015 St. Louis Rams: Week 2 Jeff Fisher Approval Poll

Time for the weekly Jeff Fisher approval poll. Will a victory over the division rivals earn Jeff Fisher better votes from the fans?

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Well that win over the Seahawks was sure fun.

Now that everyone has had a couple of days to settle down, we’ll ask you again to rate Jeff Fisher and his performance after week 1.

Same scale:

1=time for change


Things to consider this week:

The Rams beat the defending NFC champions without the use of RBs  Todd Gurley and Tre Mason. The offense (and WR/PR/#awesome Tavon Austin) put up 34 points. Thirty-four! And that against arguably the best defense in the league. Only someone like Mike Ditka could see that one coming.

We finally get to see the game planning from Jeff Fisher that was absent in the preseason. Were the plays called on the money more than not? Did they target Kam Chancellor’s replacement on purpose to exploit a potential weakness? Nick Foles said ‘no’ earlier this week on the Dan Le Batard show, but I have a feeling the real answer is ‘yes’. How about Fisher’s in-game decisions? What about personnel rotations and use? The unit everyone should be watching is the offensive line. In your opinion, was Foles given adequate amount of time in the pocket?

On a bit of a side note, Fisher loves his special teams and we should all love the special teams coach. Yes, they gave up a punt return TD, but they also returned the favor. One thing that sticks out and the fair catch on the "not-really-onside-kick": WR Bradley Marquez had the presence of mind to immediately call fair catch. That’s great awareness, especially for a rookie. Credit Fisher or ST Coach John Fassel, but they get a thumbs up for that one.

It’s hard not to get excited after a game like that, but still the fact remains: Rams have beat Seattle at the Edward Jones Dome three of the last four years and still finished with a losing record.

Have at it, TSTers. Rate Jeff Fisher through one week in the poll and comment below.