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Random Ramsdom 9/15: 1-0, Going on 2-0?

Please don't call me Russell Wilson, but I think there's a better-than-not chance the Rams head to 2-0 for the first time in... but I don't want to jinx it.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Week One

--- Monday Wrap Up: Brockers, Donald Show Out ---
Brockers and Donald, especially, led a unit that sacked Wilson 6 times.

--- Rams-Seahawks Recap ---
The Rams pulled off a phenomenal win, and here's a recap.

--- Five Takeaways: Rams vs. Seahawks ---
Here are five things we can walk away with after the game.

--- 9/11 Hero Talked to Rams Pre-Game ---
A 9/11 hero inspired the Rams before their performance.

--- Rams Best Seahawks on Special Teams ---
Though the Seahawks returned the first punt for a touchdown, the Rams still managed to best them.

--- Bradley Marquez Comes up Big on Special Teams ---
An undrafted rookie made his mark on the special teams unit.

--- Biggest Win of Fisher Era? ---
The sad part is that I don't know if this is an exaggeration. Starting well is a rarity, and this was Seattle.

--- Rams Fire at Wilson ---
Wilson prematurely tweeted, "1-0," and, well, yeah. They let him know.

--- Donald Sets Tone for Rams' Fast Start ---
The Rams defense, much unlike last year, had six sacks in game one.

Next Week

--- Redskins Announce Desean Jackson, Culliver Out ---
The Redskins will be without a few key players next week.

--- Sims, Reynolds Likely Out ---
Sims and Reynolds are out for a bit, but Tre Mason is likely back.

--- Rams vs. Redskins Odds ---
The Rams open as favorites, which would be expected.


--- Jeff Fisher Press Conference ---
Fisher holds a presser.

--- Inside the Press Room with Myles Simmons ---
Myles Simmons analyzes said press conference.

--- Rich Eisen Show: Jeff Fisher Interview ---
Jeff Fisher appears on the Rich Eisen Show and talks about the game.

--- Smallest Home Opener Crowd in 20 Years ---
Though it was the smallest crowd in 20 years, hey, their loss--it was a big win.

--- Donald, Quinn Can Lead Rams to NFC West Crown ---
They COULD, but will they? I certainly hope so, but it's early.


--- Dan Quinn Out-duels Chip Kelly ---
Also read: Matt Ryan out-QBs Sam Bradford? Maybe.

--- NFL's Most Valuable Teams ---
The Cowboys have a mind-bogglingly high value.

--- Most Popular NFL Team by State ---
Unfortunately, the Rams take home zero states.

--- Highest Paid Players ---
Roethelisberger is set to make almost $40 million this year.