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2015 St. Louis Rams: How Much Potential Does The Offense Have?

The Rams were able to turn 'potential' into 'production' against the Seahawks. Will that continue?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was fun.

Putting up 27 points as an offense always bodes well - particularly against the Seahawks. While the offense was by no means steamrolling Seattle, Nick Foles proved his worth to this team in his first game. He didn't have 4 TDs like Marcus Mariotta. He didn't have 400 yards passing like Philip Rivers. But he inspired the Rams fan base with grit and determination - which was refreshing after years of Sam Bradford.

While the Rams are currently ranked #2 in the NFL in scoring, it would be silly to think that will continue. However, when you consider that the Rams scored those points without their top 2 RBs and one of their big WR targets, it's even more impressive and gets you wondering - what is this unit really capable of?

There is no question that the Offensive Line is the weak link. The offense will only go as far as the OL takes it. While Nick Foles was able to be successful under pressure against the Seahawks, that takes a toll on a QB over the course of a season.

Similarly, Tre Mason and Todd Gurley will be able to do more - with less - than Benny Cunningham or Mr. Fumble Isaiah Pead. As this young OL group gels, the offense will become more dangerous. The Rams were able to win in spite of OL play in Week 1, but counting on that regularly would not be wise.

While the Rams lack a prototypical standout WR, you could easily argue that they have 6 very solid options (Kenny Britt, Brian Quick, Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Jared Cook, Lance Kendricks, not to mention RB contributions) in the passing game. No single player will beat you, but combined they can stretch a defense both vertically and horizontally.

When you combine all of the different elements, this offense has everything that you could want. They have a leader at QB, a stable of high quality running backs, a matchup problem in Jared Cook, lightning in a bottle with Tavon, big bodies with Britt and Quick, and sure hands with Studman. All of the pieces are there: and it's not just potential anymore.

The 'p' word that we've heard so much about finally changed from 'potential' to 'production' under Foles' leadership and Cignetti's the tune of 27 points against one of the NFLs premier defenses. Yes, there was some luck with the Kendricks TD, but you could argue that was karma from the non-call on Sherman earlier in the game.

This offense has the capability to sustain 25-27 points per game. We've known that for years. But it has lacked the consistent QB play that is so often the catalyst for NFL offenses. Looking back to last season, 25-27 PPG would put them in the top 10 in scoring and would make them as dangerous as any team in the NFL. A reliable QB will do that for a talented team.

Heading into the season, it was widely believed that the defense would buoy this team, the offense is out to prove that they're no slouch either. When it's all said and done, they could very well have earned the Rams a few wins on their own.