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TST’s Monday [Night Football] Open Thread

Good evening, undefeated St. Louis Rams’ fans! We’ve got plenty to talk about...including two Monday night-ers!

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

I hope this Monday evening finds you well.  There’s probably not much that can ruin a Victory Monday following a win over the Seahawks.  And I hope you successfully avoided anything that might’ve tried to stop you.  Cheers!

Monday Night-er Numero Uno

So the Sam Bradford lead Eagles are heading to Atlanta to take on the Falcons at 7:10 ET.  We’ve heard rumblings of ‘ol Sammy B taking the Eagles to the promise land.  We’ll catch a glimpse of Bradford in his shiny new uni for four quarters tonight...hopefully.  In all seriousness, I wish him nothing but the best.  Who ya got in this one?

...y Numero Dos

The Vikings are in San Francisco to take on the 49ers, with a 10:20 ET kickoff.  I’m going to guess you’re hoping that Adrian Peterson, who took a breather for a year, runs for about 1,000 yards tonight.

How’s Your Fantasy Week Looking?

If AP did rush for 1,000 yards this week, I bet you’d beat your fantasy football opponent.  I however, will not.  I’m the two time [back to back] Champion of the league I run.  It’s a 12-team, PPR.  I talk a ton of shit [as you might imagine].  I’m getting absolutely blown up this week.  If Julio Jones and Blair Walsh don’t combine for about 80 points, I’m done.  So yeah, I’m done.

Free Cups!

As you may remember, I wanted to give away a few Rams’ goodies that were bestowed upon me, but were better served in another’s home...

Congrats to TheMightyQuinn#94...who won himself some SpiritCups, and

also to g2rams, whose pick of 57 points was closest to the actual score [64], without going over.

Shoot me an email at with your address.  Congrats fellas!

Whatcha Sippin’ On Tonight?

I’m going to kickstart my night with a bit of Woodford Reserve, but then I’ll switch over and do some 12 oz. curls with Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest a little later on.  You?

What is the Greatest Cartoon of All Time?

We all grew up watching them.  Let’s hear it.  And please, feel free to insult the answers of others....because, after all, you’re right.