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St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: Snap Counts, Playing Time And Personnel Analysis

Here's how the Rams rotated their personnel in the 34-31 OT win.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


Rodger Saffold T 60 100.00%
Rob Havenstein T 60 100.00%
Tim Barnes C 60 100.00%
Nick Foles QB 60 100.00%
Greg Robinson G 60 100.00%
Jamon Brown G 53 88.33%
Jared Cook TE 52 86.67%
Benny Cunningham RB 50 83.33%
Tavon Austin WR 48 80.00%
Kenny Britt WR 46 76.67%
Lance Kendricks TE 41 68.33%
Chris Givens WR 21 35.00%
Cory Harkey TE 19 31.67%
Stedman Bailey WR 19 31.67%
Garrett Reynolds G 8 13.33%
Isaiah Pead RB 3 5.00%

The first big notable here is Tavon Austin's usage which is way up from 2014. Early in the season, he was frequently being used under half of all snaps under Brian Schottenheimer. He finished the season featuring in just over the 50% threshold. Cignetti and Fisher clearly intend to make more use of him, at least for the time being.

Bear in mind, these numbers come without the services of RB Todd Gurley, RB Tre Mason or WR Brian Quick.

Those absences meant the window was open for a lot of two-TE looks with Lance Kendricks and Jared Cook.

No official explanation of the early Garrett Reynolds substitution for Jamon Brown. Between injury, equipment and performance, I don't know which one to favor, but you'd think an equipment issue wouldn't take that long, so...


T.J. McDonald SS 83 100.00%
Janoris Jenkins CB 83 100.00%
Rodney McLeod FS 83 100.00%
Alec Ogletree LB 83 100.00%
James Laurinaitis LB 83 100.00%
Lamarcus Joyner FS 61 73.49%
Aaron Donald DT 60 72.29%
Marcus Roberson CB 59 71.08%
Robert Quinn DE 54 65.06%
Chris Long DE 54 65.06%
Michael Brockers DT 44 53.01%
William Hayes DE 33 39.76%
Eugene Sims DE 31 37.35%
Ethan Westbrooks DE 25 30.12%
Trumaine Johnson CB 24 28.92%
Mark Barron SS 22 26.51%
Nick Fairley DT 22 26.51%
Akeem Ayers LB 9 10.84%

The Rams are not just a nickel base team. They barely even used Akeem Ayers yesterday.

And the rotation on that D-line is wild. Eight players and all over 25% of snaps. You have to wonder how many teams are going to push tempo on some drives to negate substitutions for the Rams. With a six sack performance like yesterday, even though one of the sacks was by Lamarcus Joyner on the blitz, teams are going to implement strategic impediments to neutralize the pass rush to the maximum degree. Most teams don't have quarterbacks as mobile and as crafty as Russell Wilson. A pocket passer not only would've likely gotten sacked more, but the risk of fumble and injury is higher as well (see: Nick Foles' fumble six...).

The real interesting angle here for me all season is the bottom three guys in that table: S Mark Barron, DT Nick Fairley and LB Akeem Ayers. Those are the only defenders not drafted by the Rams, brought in solely to supplement the starters at their positions. How HC Jeff Fisher and DC Gregg Williams rotate them is going to be interesting especially depending on the opponent.

Special Teams

Cody Davis FS 27 79.41%
Bryce Hager LB 26 76.47%
Cameron Lynch LB 19 55.88%
Bradley Marquez WR 19 55.88%
Maurice Alexander SS 19 55.88%
Cory Harkey TE 18 52.94%
Isaiah Pead RB 16 47.06%
Stedman Bailey WR 14 41.18%
Mark Barron SS 14 41.18%
Garrett Reynolds G 13 38.24%
Marcus Roberson CB 13 38.24%
Demetrius Rhaney C 13 38.24%
Greg Zuerlein K 13 38.24%
T.J. McDonald SS 11 32.35%
Eugene Sims DE 11 32.35%
Janoris Jenkins CB 10 29.41%
Johnny Hekker P 9 26.47%
Jake McQuaide LS 9 26.47%
Lance Kednricks TE 8 23.53%
Robert Quinn DE 8 23.53%
Michael Brockers DT 8 23.53%
William Hayes DE 8 23.53%
Rodney McLeod FS 7 20.59%
Aaron Donald DT 7 20.59%
Rodger Saffold T 6 17.65%
Rob Havenstein T 6 17.65%
Jamon Brown G 6 17.65%
Cody Wichmann G 6 17.65%
Tavon Austin WR 4 11.76%
Chase Reynolds RB 3 8.82%
Trumaine Johnson CB 2 5.88%

That's Bryce Hager, Cameron Lynch and Bradley Marquez showing you how to make a 53-man roster as a UDFA. And of course, shout out to Marquez who had the hands ready on that overtime onside kick that motivated referee Jeff Triplette to tear the entire asunder with his butchery of the NFL rulebook and replay capabilities.

Short sample size, obviously, but we'll have more data to play with over the next few weeks as we see how the Rams adjust to any injuries and begin to implement the currently injured Rams who weren't able to go in week 1.