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St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: The Quick Five

The Rams fought back and forth with the NFC powerhouse Seahawks, sneaking away with a 34-31 OT win.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It started out eerily familiar. The Rams defense stiffened up on the Seahawks first drive, forcing them to punt. The Rams offense took the field and IMMEDIATELY proceeded to move backwards to the half yard line before punting. A punt that was easily handled by Tyler Lockett - he of preseason punt return fame - for a touchdown. The rest, as they say, it history.

The Rams need some serious credit here. Was this the monkey-off-the-back game to start the season? It's way too early to tell, but it felt like it. To my friends and family (all Seahawks fans) who have lambasted me for years watching the Rams lose again and again, who I instantly bombarded with gloating text messages...suck it. You lost. Have fun in 4th place!

Russell Wilson, A Prophecy Withheld

The Quick Five

Aaron Donald, DT

There isn't anyone else who could be first billing. Donald absolutely man-handled the Seahawks offensive line, picking up the first sack of the season (he would have two for the day, out of six overall by the team). He also answered a question burning in the minds of Seahawks faithful for seven full months.

Nick Foles, QB

Some of the first throws weren't pretty (the floater to Tavon Austin, who scorched Richard Sherman, for example), but Foles provided the Rams with one of the best performances they've seen in years. Let's just work a bit on ball security, okay?

Jared Cook, TE

I'm pretty hard on Cook. There's a lot of potential and we rarely are treated to a showing. Whether today was just another blip or something more, Cook had a hell of a game. I'd like to point out Tavon Austin's run TD was a direct result of a block. A Jared Cook block. Incredible.

red down

Jeff Triplette, Ref

Go away.

red down

Isaiah Pead, RB

See above.

Final Thoughts

  • Don't underthrow Tavon Austin, ever.
  • Trumaine Johnson had a great interception of Russell Wilson.
  • Janoris Jenkins still has troubles with tackling technique...
  • Greg the Leg hitting 100%
  • The offensive line struggled early, but did better than I expected.
  • Nanobubbles.