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St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: Second Half Live Open Thread

The Rams are tied up 10-10 going into the second half of the season opener.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It started off predictable.

The defense bled too many yards, and the offense buckled under pressure against their own end zone. Tyler Lockett punished them with a quick punt return, and every concern came flooding back.

But the Rams played their way out of it.

A Tavon Austin TDA Trumaine Johnson INT. Things looked...good. A better officiated game, and the Rams could have the lead right now.

A couple questions for the 2nd half:

How do the Rams get the running game going?

Will they be able to pull off consistency in coverage with the blitzes as successfully as they did in the first half?

Is Seattle going to actually use Jimmy Graham or nah?

Can the Rams possibly repeat their run defense this half holding Marshawn Lynch to just 17 yards on 7 carries?

There's reason to hope. The first half showed some serious capability for the Rams. If they can execute and get the better side of Jeff Triplette's joke of a refereeing job, they might have a shot at this...