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St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: RB Tre Mason Among Inactives For Week 1

Here's who's off the active roster today.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

That's all three from the injury report (Todd Gurley, Tre Mason and Daren Bates) along with rookie QB Sean Mannion, surprise 53-man addition OT Darrell Williams and rookie offensive lineman Andrew Donnal.

The final inactive? Apparent less-than-100% wideout Brian Quick.

It's a less-than-inspiring inactive report going into week 1. Quick was on fire to start 2014 with his first four games suggesting a breakout season ahead. Mason joined Greg Robinson and the other rookies not names Aaron Donald in Jeff Fisher's Rookie Punishment Corner to begin the year. This season, it's populated with Gurley, Mannion and Donnal.

In any case, this is how the Rams are lining up against the Seahawks in week 1 today. Hamstrung and half short, they'll certainly look different in the rematch in week 16 just after Christmas.