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St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: Live Open Thread

The Rams' 2015 regular season begins with a huge battle against the Seahawks.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

It begins.

Rams Offense v. Seahawks Defense

Temper your expectations.

New QB, limited experience with receivers, rebuilt offensive line, new offensive coordinator... I'm not saying the Rams can't at least put up some points. I'm saying to temper your expectations until they get things figured out, with or without Tre Mason and Todd Gurley. Against or not against the Seahawks defense.

Rams Defense v. Seahawks Offense

No excuses. This is the defense they wanted. They built this to completion. They've built it to the point that buffering it with former first round picks like Mark Barron and Nick Fairley exists only to provide stronger depth.

No excuses.


We have to go all in with Jeff Fisher. There is no alternative. Embrace the penalties. Embrace the checkdowns and truncated offense. Embrace the Cushion of Death™. Embrace Tavon Austin. Embrace ignorance.

There is no alternative.

We are who we are. As Rams fans, we should have the courage to admit this. The confidence to face this. And the conviction to promote this.

Today is the first day.

Make it count.