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St. Louis Rams: It's Game Day, And That Isn't a Jayhawk...

It's the first regular season game of the year. The Rams will play the Seattle Seahawks today at the Edward Jones Dome in front of thousands hundreds tens of fans. If the stadium is empty, it's on YOU - Stan Kroenke -, and not the great players Jeff Fisher has painstakingly assembled to bring this franchise back to relevance. If at any time this season I hear Kroenke bemoan attendance figures, and use them as a reason for moving this team, I'll simply lose it...

Now, in keeping with an NFL fan's rights to poke fun at the opposition, ( See what I did there with the "poke" thing? No? Well, look at the picture, dammit!) I've decided the recent Kansas State half time show was actually the work of that evil genius Jeff Fisher. That's right, it isn't a Jayhawk trying to swallow something, it's really a Seahawk!

OK, the Tweet is fake, and hawks just don't get the respect they used to... Anyway, the game is on, and these two teams have a history of hard fought contests.

Key position battles abound in this one. Look for Rams Center (insert the name of player) to have a tough challenge against the middle of the Seahawks defensive line. The missing Kam Chancellor will represent a golden opportunity for Nick Foles to slice away at one of the better secondaries in the NFL.

On the Seattle side of things, they have to hope Marshawn Lynch comes out of his off season slumber early. He'll be needed to take heat off of Russell Wilson, because Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is about to unleash his hounds. Surprising off season trade acquisition Jimmy Graham may very well be a problem for the Rams' secondary. If Russell even hints at running the ball, and the safety, linebacker or corner back bites, Graham could be in for a big game.

Contests between these two teams are invariable close on the final scoreboard. I'm taking the Rams in this one: St. Louis 19 - Seattle 14.

Enjoy the game!