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2016 NFL Draft: Week 2 College Football Prospect List

Football season is finally here. What college players could we possibly see in horns this time next year?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

While the second week of college football is light on big time smashmouth matchups, that doesn't mean there isn't a reason to tune in. Some of college football's most electrifying players will be duking it out on primetime this week, and this is your guide on how to find them. Draft junkies rejoice; you've got a handful of prospects to keep an eye on today.

Connor Cook: QB, Michigan St.

vs. #7 Oregon, 7:00pm CT, ABC

You might remember Cook from last year's draft hysteria.

The Spartan QB gained hype as a potential first round pic but ultimately elected to go back to school. Now a senior, Cook opened up the season with a win against Western Michigan and a stat line of 15-31/256yd/2 TDs/0 INTs. His accuracy, a flaw scouts knocked him on, was better than his completion percentage indicating the amount of balls his receiver just plain dropped.

Unproven accuracy aside, Cook has all the tools. He profiles as a prototypical NFL pocket-passer with a big arm, polished pocket presence and average to above-average mobility. Catch him on primetime against the Ducks.

Leonard Floyd: OLB, Georgia

vs. Vanderbilt, 2:30pm CT on CBS

Floyd is another player in the 2016 class that elected to go back to school in spite of being projected a high draft slot. Floyd’s long wiry build is reminiscent of Vic Beasley, the top ten pick out of Clemson last year, and so is his play style. He uses his explosiveness and athleticism to beat lineman off the edge but has trouble holding his own in the run game.

Cameron Sutton: CB, Tennessee Volunteers

vs. #19 Oklahoma Sooners, 5:00pm CT on ESPN

The recent trend in the NFL has been towards bigger, more physical corners. Sutton comes in at 5’11/186lbs but plays like a corner three inches taller and 15 lbs. heavier. He’s profiles as a physical man-to-man corner, good when jamming receivers at the line and contesting jump balls. He also sports excellent awareness and a natural ball-hawking instinct. Just like his Tennessee Vols, Sutton looks to take that next step into the elite category this year.

Chris Jones: DT, Mississippi State Bulldogs

vs. #14 LSU, 8:15pm CT on ESPN

Teammates Preston Smith and Bernardrick McKinney got most of the pub last season, but it was Jones that took up multiple blockers and allowed them to shine. He’s an explosive interior defender with the ideal height/weight/speed combo for a versatile defensive lineman. Look for Mississippi State to move him around all along the line. If you tune in and notice a big boy constantly in the backfield, chances are it’s Jones.

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