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Rams vs Seahawks Bold Predictions

Misone breaks down how the Rams first game will play out vs the Seahawks

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the time has come for some Rams' football.

It seems like off seasons are getting longer and longer. The Rams spent a lot of time in the media this off season. For many different reasons, but none more common than relocation rumors. Well it's finally time to talk strictly about football.

The Rams open the season against  the Seahawks in St. Louis for week one. A home opener against a division rival, and one that you have had good success against while at home. It doesn't get much better than this. As Jeff Fisher put it, "the only thing better is a home playoff game".

So what will this game be like, and how will things turn out? Well have no fear, I have the answers right here...
  1. The Rams will sack Russell Wilson eight times. The Rams have a history of getting after Russell, and with the worst offensive line he's had since entering the league that should not change. James Laurinaitis will have a sack, as will Akeem Ayers. Other than that, only the linemen will bring him down. Expect sacks from Chris Long, Robert Quinn and Aaron Donald, with one of these three players bringing him down three times.
  2. Tavon Austin will find pay dirt in the first half. How, doesn't matter as much as the plan coming into fruition. It can be running, receiving or returning. But he will get in, and it won't be because of some elaborate trick play. He's going to go straight West Virginia Mountaineer on that ass.
  3. The defense will hold Marshawn Lynch under 65 yards rushing, but not Wilson. Marshawn will finish the afternoon averaging about 3.0 yards per carry. The issue is this rushing attack is so good, that shutting it completely down is near impossible. Wilson will run for over 90 yards. The good news however is there will be no rushing touchdowns for the Seahawks which goes a long way towards a victory against them.
  4. Tyler Lockett will also find pay dirt, making this the game of the little men. Lockett, like Austin, has the ability to score from anywhere on the field at any time. Lockett will score twice(return game and receiving) making this a helluva game that will go to the wire. In a way, Rams fan should thank him, since there's nothing like playing a tough team in a close game, and and coming away with a win.
  5. The Seahawks secondary will not look so tough. Nick Foles will finish with a solid and respectable stat line, having over 265 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interception. Kenny Britt will have 100 of those yards and Stedman Bailey will have the catch of the game.
The Rams will win a classic battle to the end, in dramatic fashion, with a late in the fourth quarter touchdown.

Rams win, 27-21.