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2015 NFL Week 1: NFC West Roundup

Take a quick tour around the NFC West. Every week we will recap each teams activity, as well as major storylines and what is next.

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It is finally here Rams fans, the first week of the 2015 NFL regular season is upon us. So as the NFC West Roundup goes this will be a little lighter than usual, as there will be no meaningful games to recap from the prior week. This being the first weekly edition will give everyone an opportunity to get familiar with the format, as well as poke fun at the author as I shake out the cobwebs. Here is how it will go boys and girls, we will do a breakdown of each team in the following format: Last Week Results, Major Storylines, What's Next. We will list them alphabetical by location, so as to save the best for last.  Then to finish it all off a quick look at the current standings within the NFC West.

Arizona Cardinals

Last Week: N/A

Major Storylines: The Cardinals big offseason acquisition, "Big Mike" Iupati, may not be ready for their season opener. Considering Carson Palmer's age, and that he is recovering from injury, missing the bruising Guard may be something the Cardinals season can ill afford.

Up Next: The Cardinals will open up the 2015 season by hosting the New Orleans Saints.

San Francisco 49ers

Last Week: N/A

Major Storylines: Honestly when it comes to the "new look" 49ers, it is hard to pick just one storyline. Their entire offseason has been a huge storyline, but as far as actual on the field impact goes? Well give me the return of Navarro Bowman, with everything that has gone wrong for the 49ers this offseason his return to health is the defense's best chance of avoiding a major dropoff.

Up Next: The 49ers will be hosting the Minnesota Vikings in the second half of the opening week Monday Night Football doubleheader.

Seattle Seahawks

Last Week: N/A

Major Storylines: Kam Chancellor continues his holdout, which is going to lead to his missing the season opening game at St. Louis. Of course this is welcome news for Rams fans, but the actual impact is still to be determined.

Up Next: The Seahawks will travel to St. Louis to take on the Rams.

St. Louis Rams

Last Week: N/A

Major Storylines: The biggest on the field storyline for the Rams has to be the offensive line, the teams success is going to hinge quite a bit on their ability to open holes in the running game and keep Foles upright and healthy.

Up Next: The Rams host the Seattle Seahawks in the season opener.

NFC West Standings

Overall Record

Division Record

Division Rank





San Francisco








St. Louis




There you have it Rams fans, the first NFC West Roundup of the season.  Thank you for reading, and as always Go Rams!!!