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Rams vs. Seahawks Predictions...For those Thirsty Rams Fans

Want to win some free St. Louis Rams’ cups? They're yours...assuming you’re good at accurately predicting things

A friend of my wife’s was kind enough to give us some cups from Brax Fundraising, which provide SpiritCups, SpiritTravelCups, and SpiritPopcorn to schools and youth sports teams to help them exceed fundraising goals.

The gift, while much appreciated, could probably be better utilized by another person or family of Rams’ faithful.  And while donating them is certainly an option, I don’t imagine many Washington D.C. area families are interested in - or appreciative of - owning St. Louis Rams merchandise.  You might be, though...

So here’s the deal.  We were given a set of SpiritCups [four cups] and a set of SpiritTravelCups [two cups with lids].  The cups, as you might imagine, are exactly that:  cups.  The SpiritTravelCups are more of what I consider "travel coffee mugs" but could certainly be used for cold beverages as well.  Here’s a bit on both...


*  Cup designs feature exclusive 3D animation
*  Durable, dishwasher safe plastic
*  18 oz. capacity
*  Made in the USA and BPA-free
*  Holographic design

[I only have one set (four cups). I just took two pictures)]


[per the back of the box that they’ll be delivered in]

*  Designs with exclusive 3D animation
*  Great for hot beverages
*  Durable plastic
*  Dishwasher safe
*  16. oz capacity
*  Made in the USA
*  BPA free

[I took them out of the box so that you could see them.  They’re brand new]


At any rate, I thought it’d be fun to make a few predictions on the St. Louis Rams’ home opener.  I won’t reveal the questions now, as it really wouldn’t be fair to take predictions two days before the game without prior notice, so here’s the deal...

*  I'll post the [two] prediction questions on the site at 11am EST on Sunday, Sept. 13 [two hours before kickoff]

*  There will be two winners.  One for each prediction.
........You can make predictions on both, but you’ll only win one.  FIRST ANSWERED, FIRST SERVED.
........You will need to answer in the comments section [after 11am] on Sunday.  The first to answer correctly wins.
........ Your first guess-timation is your last. TST allows you a few minutes to edit your post. That’s all you got, homie[s].

*  The prizes will be assigned to a prediction, so you’ll win the prize associated with the prediction you got correctly.  If you want a lid really badly, then try harder on that one.

*  I’ll pay shipping.  You just enjoy.


I don’t have much else for you at this point, other than GO RAMS! Maybe #FTS.  Either way, I look forward to your responses....and a Rams win.  Oh, and #FTS.