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Random Ramsdom 11 SEP: Predictions Galore!

Mary Butkus/Getty Images

Seahawks Prepping for Rams Shenanigans | 101 ESPN

Pete Carroll will try not to be fooled....again.

Rams Youngest in NFL | 101 ESPN

This is also the youngest team in Fisher/Snead's regime - which is saying something

Williams Holding LBs accountable | AP

"Don't Make Stuff Up" has become a motto of sorts for this group.

Player to Watch: Tre Mason | Bleacher Report

If he plays, he will be the primary option in the running game.

Rams Alter Practice Schedule | ESPN

Fisher is moving an off day closer to game day... will it pay off?

Rams to Lean on Run Game for TDs | ESPN

This qualifies as "no shit"

Moral Victory? | Bleacher Report

In a game preview, they offer that a hard fought loss wouldn't be a terrible outcome. FUCK THAT!

2015 Season Prediction | FiveThirtyEight

7-9. Blah

Season Predictions | Football Outsiders

Their DVOA metric LOVES the Rams in 2015. Their staff? Not so much.

The Seahawks Loved Gurley | Fox Sports

The Rams weren't the only team with Gurley on top of their draft board...

Starting QBs Ranked |

Sam Bradford, Colin Kaepernick, Blake Bortles. All are above Foles in these Rankings

Earl Thomas Expected to Play | AP

He won't let a labrum surgery keep him off the field. Maybe he misses a few tackles on Sunday...

Jim Thomas Predicts 9-7 | StL Today

Wouldn't be horrible, but it wouldn't get them into the playoffs either.