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St. Louis Rams’ QB Case Keenum Has The Backup Spot “Locked Up"

We’ve known that Nick Foles would be the St. Louis Rams starting quarterback for 2015. But the backup spot was up for grabs...until today...apparently.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been little question as to who the St. Louis Rams’ starting quarterback would be for the 2015 NFL season.  Nick Foles, who came to St. Louis in a swap with the Eagles for Sam Bradford, has been atop the depth chart since trade day.

But the backup QB spot hasn’t been so cut and dry.  But it appears the offseason battle for QB2 between Austin Davis, Sean Mannion, and Case Keenum has finally come to an end.  Jeff Fisher fielded questions from the media on Tuesday, and here’s what he had to say on who Foles’ backup will be heading into their final preseason game:

I think Case has the advantage right now. I would say the competition would be related to the third spot, with Austin and Sean. So we’re going to try to get them both reps in the game. But I think that Case has done a good enough job right now at this point that he’s got No. 2 locked up.

Locked up.  Fisher went on to shine a little light on why they’re going with Case, and what he’s seen from him this offseason...

We saw it last year when we had him on the practice squad. He just has a good feel for our offense and timing and release and is a natural athlete. Since the trade, he’s been able to sit here and really grasp the offense, so he’s a got a good feel for what we’re doing.

It remains to be seen how the rest of the depth chart shakes out as they whittle their way down to 53.  The Rams aren’t likely to carry four quarterbacks.  Could this be the end of the line for Austin Davis?