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Why The St. Louis Rams Should Sign RG3. And Why They Definitely Should Not.

On Monday, the Washington Redskins named Kirk Cousins their starting QB for the 2015 season. That’s bad news for Robert Griffin III. And that might not be the end of it...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins officially named Kirk Cousins as their starting quarterback on Monday afternoon.  For Robert Griffin III - who was claiming he was the best QB in the NFL last week - that’s bad news.  And there’s a chance he’ll be receiving more disappointing news in the very near future.  The news caught wildfire on social media, as speculation that the former No. 2 overall pick could be released or traded.

This news is pertinent to the Rams in some ways; some of which make sense.  Griffin has afforded St. Louis more than it’s fair share of players.  In case you needed a refresher, the 2012 trade - where the Redskins moved up to the 2nd spot to draft Griffin - has worked out quite well, at least in terms of personnel, for the Rams...

What the trade hasn’t done is taken the Rams to any Super Bowls.  It hasn’t taken them to a single playoff game.  It hasn’t even lead them to any .500 seasons.

Meanwhile, Robert Griffin III took the Redskins to the playoffs in his first year in the league.  He threw for 3,200 yards and 20 touchdowns, finishing the 2012 season with a 102.4 QB rating.  He rushed for an additional 815 yards and seven scores.  It was truly an impressive rookie campaign.

But that was before the wheels came off in Washington.  If we’re being honest with ourselves, they weren’t on very tight to begin with.

But the "Team X should trade for [or sign] RG3" thing is very alive, and it will become infinitely more prevalent if the Skins make a decision to move on from their now-backup QB prior to onset of the season.

Most fan bases are making their case for RG3.  So why - or why not - the Rams?

Why They Should

1.  Behind a sound offensive line, Griffin proved [2012] that he can be one of the more electric QB’s in the league.  He proved he could be a winner.  He lead a team that had won 15 games in the three seasons prior to a playoff berth.  If he wasn’t winning games tossing bombs, he was flexing his world-class hurdling skills to beat defenses with his legs.

2.  Potential.  As aforementioned, RG3 has proven that he can put up big numbers; both in the passing and rushing games...but only if he can stay healthy.  Potential isn’t the best of reasons to acquire a player, but let’s face it...that’s what the Rams are banking on with Nick Foles.  The 2013 version of Foles - where he threw 27 TD’s with only two picks - is the QB fans want.  Not the 2014 version where he had ten interceptions through eight games.  

3.  To prove that they won the RG3/Rams trade, duh!  For some reason, folks want to know who won that trade, and it doesn’t appear it’s going to be settled until Griffin is wearing a Rams’ uniform.  The Rams got a slew of players out of the deal, but RG3 lead his team to the playoffs.  Which is more important?  Good question.  The Rams need to sign RG3 so that it can be settled once and for all.

4.  Just because

Why They Shouldn’t

1.  Because the Rams aren’t, in any way, displaying that they’ve got anything close to sound offensive line play.  We have no clue what the starting offensive line will look like in two weeks.  I’m not certain Jeff Fisher does.  And behind poor offensive line play, we’ve seen the 2012 RG3 deteriorate almost completely.

2.  He’s not starting because he’s not a starting caliber QB.  He’s not yet been released, but he has been benched.  And it’s because the very slim Jay Gruden thinks Kirk Cousins gives the Redskins the best shot at winning. Something to ponder...

3.  16.1 million reasons more.  That’s Griffin’s salary for the 2016 season:  $16.1 million.  If he sticks around Washington for any part of the 2015 season and sustains an injury that carries into next year, that’s guaranteed money.  That’s roughly twice what Foles is slated to make next year.  A scary thought if you’re looking to trade for him. Restructure or reconsider [to put it mildly].

4.  It sends the wrong message to the team and to the fans.  Jeff Fisher makes it a point to stand behind his QB’s [until he doesn’t].  And he’s been very high on Foles since acquiring him earlier this year.  Bringing in another QB, especially at this point of the season, would definitely leave folks scratching their heads.  RG3 would only be brought in to challenge for the starting job.  I can’t think of a better way to discourage Foles, nor rookie Sean Mannion.  If Jeff Fisher says Nick Foles is their guy, then Griffin should only be on the same field as the Rams in Week 2 when they head to Washington.

5.  Chemistry.  It’s perfectly fine for an athlete to have that competitive want to be the best, and while it might be a bit absurd to think you’re the best when clearly you’re not, you can appreciate the sentiment.  RG3 is a competitor.  He’s head-strong, and you want that in a leader.  But bringing him into the Rams’ locker room would certainly affect the chemistry.

RG3 has certainly caused - minimally been heavily involved in - his fair share of drama in Washington.  Whether it was his relationship with owner Dan Snyder, the public deterioration of his relationship with Mike Shanahan, him thinking he’s the best QB in the NFL, or his taking to social media, he’s just proven that it’s all about RG3.  Intern...really?

6.  Just because.  I can’t find a tweet to support this, but it worked well for reasons why they should sign him, so I’ll just leave it here.

I could probably go on with reasons the Rams shouldn’t trade/sign him [if released], but I won’t.  Instead, I’ll open it up to you.  Thoughts?