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Random Ramsdom 9/1: 75 Man Rosters

The Rams are forced to get their roster down to 75 men, and that means making some tough decisions. Who's out? Who's still in? And has any team cut someone the Rams may want to look into adding?

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports


The Rams are cutting loose ends as the roster needs to get down to 75.

Sean Mannion fields questions on topics such as learning from the veterans.

A report of, well, practice yesterday.

Barrett Jones speaks on the center competition.

Rhaney sits down for a conference.

Jeff Fisher laments on the day as a tough, tough day, but certainly a necessary one in the process.

The Rams, who struggled with penalties last season, have struggled thus far in the preseason.


Aaron Donald looks to repeat his rookie success.

Listen in on live sounds of the practice.

Daniel Rodriguez goes for a more straight-shooting presentation.

The Rams have some controversy at the center position.

Who will start at RB in week one?

Nick Wagoner has the seal of approval on Foles... right now.


Is RGIII done in the NFL?

Some are predicting Andrew Luck. Who are others predicting?

From Fred Jackson on down, what notable names need new teams?