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Rams Minimize Risk with Foles Signing

The Rams and Foles worked out an extension that worked for both sides while minimizing risk to the team.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


I had confidence in the Rams brass that they would work out an extension with QB Nick Foles before the regular season kicked off next month. They finalized the deal on Friday night before the team's scrimmage. The possible money involved in the deal scared me though. Which is why I was surprised when the money figures started to come out.

The 2 year extension worth $24.5M with about $14M guaranteed. That strikes me as a bargain in the Rams books. While it's unclear yet as to whether the extension changes Foles' 2014 cap hit, when you tack it onto his 2015 salary, the Rams are getting their starting QB for under $9M per year. That is incredible in today's bloated QB market.

However, I'm withholding at least some of my praise for the Rams front office until the full contract details come out. Remember when Kenny Britt signed the reported 2 year, $14M deal? Turns out that deal was much less than that. Contracts can change drastically once final details come out. Until we see those final figures, it's hard to completely evaluate the contract.

But as first impressions go... WOW.