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2015 St. Louis Rams: Jeff Fisher Interview On Physical Football, Nick Foles And More

Here's what the St. Louis Rams Head Coach had to say after practice yesterday.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

(On how is the pace going with the team)
"Pace is good. We had a break yesterday so I thought this evening was good. We’re going to go over to Lindenwood tomorrow which I think the guys are excited about. Just like a little change of venue and a little more intimate place. We’re going to have a good practice. It’s similar to what we've done in the past down at the (Edwards Jones) Dome on Saturday. So far so good, we’re getting a lot of work done."

(On if he likes the physical play in practice so far)
"Were not entirely live, were not going to the ground. But upfront yeah, it’s much easier to evaluate your offense and defensive lineman right now with the pads on than it has been. So yeah, we’re getting some results. I’m pleased with it."

I mean, we haven’t played anybody else yet and I’m not going to put a lot of stake in the first preseason game, but I’m pleased with where we are. - Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(On the chippy physical play in practice today)
"Yeah, you just don’t want to make sure someone gets caught off guard. They need to be able to protect each other. There were little things going on that they got worked out."
(On if the team is ready to play at this point)
"Yeah, I said this, they’re ready to go practice against somebody else and play against somebody else."

(On RB Tre Mason health)
"Yeah, were just going to watch him. His hamstring is a little tight."

(On if there will be live plays at the Lindenwood scrimmage for the rookies)
"We’ve traditionally finished with a 10-12 play live rookie scrimmage. I don’t know if we’ve… The biggest challenge in camp is to adjust from day to day, week to week based on numbers and things like that. But we’re going to get good, quality work. We’re going to compete early in the one on one situations. We will have some passing situations in two minute, run period. It’s going to be an important practice for us, for everybody."

(On if he likes the logistics of Lindenwood because it is closer)
"It is. I went by there yesterday and took a tour and it’s a great stadium. It’s intimate. It’s in great shape, so I think the guys will like it. Even though were starting at five o’clock, the lights will be on. You put the lights on Friday night, it’s a little different for them."

(On how well QB Nick Foles is picking up the playbook)
"He’s got it. He’s not having any issues with it right now. Keep in mind it’s our second time through the installation. We installed prior to the OTAs and then through the OTAs and then come back and reinstalled. So, he’s not having any problems."

(On if anybody has caught his eye in the first weeks of practice)
"Oh yeah, there’s some good things out there. Yeah, there’s really some good things out there. You can look at our right tackle and our right guard right now and they look like they’ve been here for a while and that’s good. That’s good to have that feeling inside that you have confidence in both (T) Rob Havenstein and ‘JB’ (G Jamon Brown) that they can line up and play and it shows with the pads on. They’re doing that, so there’s a lot of good things going on."

(On the importance of TE Cory Harkey)
"Well, not only offense, but special teams wise he has a role on several of our special teams units. But from the in-line tight end, to the flexed out, to the motion, to the fullback, to all that and the running thing, he does everything really well. He knows what to do."

(On big picture where the team is in terms of progress)
"Well, I mean, we haven’t played anybody else yet and I’m not going to put a lot of stake in the first preseason game, but I’m pleased with where we are. What’s interesting is that our on the field practice, full-speed penalties are way down compared to where we were last year. And that’s a point of emphasis for us. So, we’re not having the false start things, the frequency of them that we’ve had over the years. Just the discipline things down the field with the contact and the holding and the hands to face, all of those things that we emphasize. So that’s encouraging for me. That'll carry over because we have to get that number down."