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Ransom Ramsdom 7 August: NFL to Sell Tickets Without Team?

Because why the hell not?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Thankful to be Back | AP

Notes that his rehab was 'excruciating' at times. For the sake of the Offense, let's hope this young man makes a full recovery.

Which QBs Get Extensions Next? | National Football Post

Past and present Rams franchise QBs are on this list. Both present unique contract situations.

Fisher Eyes Austin Breakthrough |

"There's no doubt in my mind that his production level should increase," coach Jeff Fisher said this week, via's Don Banks.

Has Tavon's Time Arrived? | ESPN

The decision on his 5th year option will have to be made after this season. Right now, that's not getting picked up, but Tavon can change that with a big 2015 season.

Rams Ready to Hit Someone Else | ESPN

They've only strapped on the pads a few times, but the Rams are already itching to let loose.

Taking Snaps Under Center a non-issue for Foles | ESPN

Settling on a Center sooner rather than later might be wise if it becomes a concern.

Havenstein Sounds a Little Overwhelmed | ESPN

"Those guys are burning off the edge, every single one of them," Havenstein said. "It’s the speed mixed with playbook when we have something new and you are really thinking about your assignment instead of walking up and already knowing."

The Rams DEs will provide him with more of a challenge than any other group in the NFL, but this is concerning.

Antonio Brown wants to be the G.O.A.T | Sporting News

A couple of Rams might have something to say about that. Not to mention some guy named Rice.

No Team? No Problem! | NBC Sports

The NFL is considering selling (refundable) tickets for a team in L.A. - but they don't know who that team will be. Makes sense...

Defense Stresses Accountability | St Louis Rams Official Website

I'm glad that JL55 is leading that unit. Couldn't ask for a MLB with a better head on his shoulders.

Ogletree Primed for Breakout | StL Today

He's ready for the season and wants 'more wins'. JL55 is teaching his padawan well.

Quinn Eyes Greatness | ESPN

"You’re never really satisfied," Quinn said. "Yeah, it’s great to make a Pro Bowl but, I mean, I set my bar extremely high. Ten-and-a-half [sacks] is a good season, but I want great seasons every year I’m here."

This Defense is loaded with great players, but motivated ones as well.

Laskey won't Shy Away From Contact | StL Today

Which is a good thing. He needs to impress at tonight's scrimmage if he's going to make the squad.

Fan Fest turns to Friday Night Lights | StL Today

The Rams annual scrimmage moves from the Edward Jones Dome to Lindenwood University, which should make for a more intimate environment for fans and players alike.

Mayor Calls Stadium 'Good Deal' for City | StL Today

It's his job to endorse the city...of course he approves.