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2015 St. Louis Rams Training Camp: The Camp Experience

Misone has an update for anyone that can't make it out to see how the team is looking thus far.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

So I made a really random last min trip to Rams park yesterday. Here's a few things that I noticed while there.

  1. Gurley is definitely not ready. He still looks stiff when he runs.
  2. Greg Robinson is going to have a hell of a season run blocking. He literally was throwing guys like rag dolls during the inside run period, and that included Robert Quinn.
  3. The hype on Janoris Jenkins is real. He definitely looks locked in. It makes sense why they want to sign him now, because if this carries over into the season he's going to get more expansive.
  4. Stedman Bailey was uncover-able. He was abusing everyone in the secondary..and no one came close to stopping him.
  5. Jamon Brown is going to have a better rookie year than Rob Havenstein
  6. Jared Cook is focused, and made a lot of freak catches. He's also in ridiculously good shape, like he rededicated himself this off-season.
  7. Alec Ogletree is going to the pro bowl. It's that simple. Michael Brockers will be an alternate.
  8. Rodney McLeod has completely taken away the deep middle.
  9. Chris givens can't run routes still. He was the cause of two picks.
  10. All of the QBs looked erratic when throwing deep. Except when throwing to Britt. He had about 4-5 highlight reel catches today..all 30+ yards diving with someone all over him. A couple of under throws was mixed in.

Tre Mason wasn't practicing so I saw a lot of Isaiah Pead and Trey Watts. I'll just say this, lets hope we don't have to turn either of them. They looked rough today, specifically in blitz pick up.

Random Moment:

At one point Dani Klupenger came over and asked about doing a Q&A with her. Usually I'd be all for it but, I was actually blown away by how cute she was in person and instead of answering I just stared like a 12-year old boy.

Caution Beware:

Demetrius Rhaney is physical, but he is far from ready to contribute. He was beaten silly a couple times in one on ones. Tim Barnes was beaten pretty bad in one instance as well. in fact, the interior D-Line absolutely dominated the inside run period. This either means the interior D-Line is just that good - which is likely the case - or the center, whoever it will be, is going to struggle. I tend to believe it's the latter considering that a good lineman is likely to at least slow the guy down at least once.