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2015 St. Louis Rams: Why Nick Foles Will Fail

Sometimes there are things about us that play in our favor, but other times, those very things can cap our ceiling...

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles is entering one of the more interesting situations that a quarterback can enter. He comes to a team via trade, he's in the final year of his contract, where the team is on the brink a greatness, a team with a lot of continuity - can give off the outcast feeling - and a team that really needs it's quarterback to get over a hump.

That's quite the load to be dumped into. Although Foles has handled himself quite well since the trade. He has been a true professional, and there has been loads and loads of praise of his leadership from coaches and players alike. Simply judging from his interviews, he has exuded extreme confidence.

But confidence can be a funny thing. Especially when you're an NFL quarterback. It's really a bit of a catch 22. You want your quarterback to have confidence, without it he will fail, but too much of it and he will fail. It really leaves a person slamming their head into a concrete wall when you try to figure out just the right amount that you need.

Foles is a true gunslinger. He likes two things, to go deep, and to take risks.

Exhibit A:

This was a throw that resulted in a touchdown, but was a true risk and a move that only a gunslinger would take. Desean Jackson is not open, which is what makes it a gunslingers throw. It's a risk because of how deep the pass was and he was really pushing the limits of his arm strength. The ball did not make it the distance unfortunately.

Exhibit B:

If you asked Foles after watching this film what he should have done differently, he would probably say he should have thrown to the shallow cross. The receiver ran right by the linebacker in the middle of the field, but Foles never looked his way. Instead, he went for the deepest route on the field. A big risk considering the coverage, and a gunslingers mentality because of the weather and the difficulty it creates to control the ball.

Exhibit C:

Here's an example of when those traits are playing in his favor. This throw was awesome. It was a risk because of how difficult of a throw this was, and the down and distance. It was a gunslingers mentality, because he had to throw with an arch to get over the underneath cover guy, but enough velocity to beat his drop. This throw was pretty close to perfect, great catch too!

Foles' confidence is where this gunslinger mentality stems from. When you hear him talk, you can tell he is over flowing with it. And evident by exhibit three, it's not always a bad thing. But when you can't control it - more times than not - it can hurt you. Foles throws a lot of balls that defensive backs can either knock down or intercept. In 2012, Foles finished with 5 interceptions in  seven games, in 2013, he was charted with leading the NFL in throws that could/should have been intercepted (drops), and last season he finished with 10 interceptions in eight games.

Outside of his gunslinger mentality he has the self-battle with injuries. Thus far his body has not proved that it can hold up to the rigors of the NFL. He has suffered a broken hand, concussion, and a broken collar bone. These availability issue may be his biggest challenge to having success.

Foles 2015 Season Predictions:

3450 yards, 21 touchdowns, 17 interceptions, 58% completion