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2015 St. Louis Rams: Why Nick Foles Will Succeed

Jeff Fisher only knows one way to have his team play, and that's ground and pound with play action thrown in...

Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Jeff Fisher has had his most success when he can run the football effectively. Not every coach can put together a team - players and coaches included - that can succeed at throwing the ball. Fisher falls in that category. But he has done a good job throughout his career finding the right pieces to have a good run game.

Nick Foles was brought in because Sam Bradford could not stay healthy. When Fisher took the job he gave a lot of credit to Sam Bradford for his decision. He also heaped praise on his ability to throw the ball, every single year they were together. He even tried to dabble into becoming a throwing offense, something that he is not too familiar with. Fisher stepped outside of his box 100%, give him credit for trying.

But now that Foles is in the building, you don't really hear the same praise. He talks more about Foles' leadership than his skills. The team also went out and drafted Todd Gurley at  number 10 overall in the 2015 NFL draft, and since have brought in a slew of new linemen. Looks like he is getting back to what he knows best.

So how does all this work in Foles' favor?

Nick Foles will be Jeff Fisher's new Kerry Collins. I believe this is along the lines of what Fisher had in mind when Foles was brought in. Collins was brought on board with the Titans in 2006 to back up Vince Young. But two seasons later after a Young injury in game one against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Collins was put in, and retained the spot for the rest of the season.

Collins had a solid season for what was asked of him. In 2008 the Titans ran the ball 508 times for 2200 yards. Collins was only asked to throw the ball 415 times that season. I do believe Foles will throw more than that - mostly due to the young line struggling and the team having to throw to stay in a few games - but I have don't believe he exceeds 500 attempts, in fact 485-500 would be the range I would expect.

Foles and Collins are very similar as they are near identical in size give or take a pound or two, and both are gun slingers who don't always make the best decisions. And Fisher has been known to praise both for their leadership. Hell, they'll both even wear the number five.

However, Foles has a bit more accuracy and a better deep ball than Collins did. For these reasons, Foles will garner success. Because he will not be asked a lot of, unless they absolutely have to, this will give less opportunity for errors. Surely Fisher will want to run the ball 500 times, but due to a lack of success, that number should be closer to 400, this will play in Foles' favor as he will be allowed more play action, allowing him to attack the deep middle of the field, one of his favorite areas.

Similar to Bradford, one of Foles' greatest areas of concern is his health. He has yet to be healthy for a full 16 games in his career. If he can stay on the field, he should have moderate success.

Foles 2015 Season Predictions:

3750 yards, 24 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, 61% completion,