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Random Ramsdom August 5: Let the Hitting Begin!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Secondary has to Prove Worth in 2015 | 101 ESPN

They're loaded with potential - much like the rest of the Rams roster - but need to cut down on mistakes if the D is going to carry this team.

Special Teamers take Pride in Being a Little Different | AP

It takes a different mindset to be a special teamer. Led by Special Teams coach John Fassel, they talk about what it takes to keep that mindset. Benny Cunningham is one of the shining examples of the Rams special teams success.

Rams Centers Focus on Improvement, not Competition | STL Today

They all understand that it's an open competition and are working to improve not only their own play, but the competition's as well.

Gurley, Quick are Clear Fantasy Bargains | Rotoviz

Both coming off of severe injuries, the two figure to be large pieces of the Rams offensive puzzle in 2015.

Season Preview | Bleacher Report

Pretty status quo here

Questions Facing the Rams Offense | Cover 32 Rams

The Rams have had an extraordinary amount of turnover on offense. Will this group be molded into a sevicable unit or lead the Rams to another sub-par season?

Rams won't Rush Gurley | ESPN

Hopefully the Rams brass learned their lesson when Sam Bradford and Jake Long returned from ACL injuries too soon. At least they're saying all of the right things...

Temproary LA Venues Wanted | ESPN

Only the Coliseum has expressed interest in housing an NFL team next season.

Long Suits Up, Gaines Needs More Tests | ESPN

Looks like E.J. Gaines will be out for a few weeks.

Rams DL Snubbed | Football Nation

5th? Really?

Monday Camp Recap | Ramblin' Fan

Takeaways from the Rams 1st padded day in practice.