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USA Today Predicts the Rams Having a Helluva Season

They believe!!!

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the Rams were a chic underdog pick to make the playoffs. least they were before Sammy B went down with ACL #2. The potential on the roster has a lot of folks talking about a playoff berth -again - for the first time in a decade.

USA Today released their 2015 NFL Season predictions today and they seem to be drinking the Jeff Fisher kool-aid.

Rams (10-6): Catch potentially battered Seahawks in opener and may not get full dose of Le'Veon Bell in his Week 3 debut. After Oct. 11 game at Lambeau Field, Rams leave St. Louis once in subsequent five weeks, good time for Nick Foles to find groove.

The bit about Le'Veon Bell is dated - as his suspension was shortened to 2 games. A lot of fans have talked about the potential of this team, but the state of the Offense has scared the media from buying into it. USA Today buying into the Rams doesn't stop at the 10-6 record either...

Wild card: (6) Rams def. (3) Panthers

Not only do they have the Rams making the playoffs for the first time since the 2004 season. They even go a step further and have us beating the Cam Newton's Panthers on their home turf. While they predict the Rams run ending in the divisional round in Green Bay, I don't know of a Rams fan that would be dissatisfied if the season played out like this.