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Random Ramsdom 8/4: Let's See Some Action!

Training camp is here! Players go to battle for roster spots and the first sights of NFL action since the Super Bowl have been seen.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Training Camp

This day of training camp focused on special teams.

Have a look in at Todd Gurley during camp.

The most important moments of  Rams camp on day three.

A report on the happenings of day four.

Watch as Rams' Chase Reynolds sits in for an interview.

Who will start? Who will make the team? Position battles!

Amid the intense heat, at least he can stay positive.

Another optimistic viewpoint is appreciated.

Rams coaches are pleased with what they've seen.

Like Aaron Donald, Hekker will be one of this year's top Madden players.

Don't miss these five guys in action at Rams camp.

We've heard compliment after compliment directed towards Nick Foles in horns.


Tre Mason will at some point relinquish his spot to Gurley, but when?

Personally, I'd take neither. They'll split.

The St. Louis stadium project seems to be moving in a positive direction.

After becoming a father on July 17th, Battle says his NFL journey will be easy by comparison.

With training camp underway, special teams jobs will be decided.

Nick Foles among others should be locked up for years.

When compiling some of the worst contracts in the NFL, Jared Cook's name showed up.

Around the NFL

Is it surprising this support is from the Boston Globe?

The Rams aren't on this list, but who is?

Bold statement, but NFL contracts are almost never seen to fruition.