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2015 NFL Preseason St. Louis Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts: Halftime Interviews With Head Coach Jeff Fisher & Team

Here's what the Rams had to say at halftime.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(On his thoughts on the first half)
"Really good. Really great work against an outstanding quarterback. We had a broken coverage and gave up the touchdown pass. Penalties hurt us again on both sides. We have to adjust our subs, because I took the starting DBs out and we subbed at the end. We’re going to play a good second half. We’re really pleased with…it looked like Nick (Foles) was very precise."

QB Nick Foles

(On his thoughts on the first half)
"I think we’re improving. We still have a long ways to go, but I was really proud of the guys. We were moving the ball. We had a couple of good drives. We have to stop getting penalties on ourselves, but I think we’re stepping in the right direction. Like I said, we still have a lot of work to do. We need to put more points on the board and help the defense out. Baby steps right now, but proud of the guys for the effort they’re having and now we get to go out in the second half and win this football game."

Rams Fall To Colts, 14-24

(On if it’s possible to over throw WR Chris Givens with how fast he is)
"It’s very hard to. I don’t think it’s possible. He’s one of those guys who’s just gifted with extreme speed. He can go track the ball, so he did a great job getting out there and going to track down that ball and getting it."

WR Chris Givens

(On if it felt good to catch another long touchdown)
"Yeah, it definitely feels good. It felt a lot better to hook up with Nick (Foles) and make a good play for our team when I felt like we needed it the most."

(On if it feels good to see his hard work in camp carry over into the games)
"I’m staying positive and most importantly staying consistent and just coming to work every day and blocking out all of the distractions. I’m just really at a point where I’m just trying to show the world what I can do and I’m just excited to get the opportunity to do that."

DE Robert Quinn

(On how the defense played in the first half and if it felt good to get a few stops going into halftime)
"Yeah, the defense, we had some good stops. We had a couple busted plays also, so we have to get those fixed. But there are some negatives and positives that we can take from it. Like I said, we’re slowly getting to where we need to, but we still have a lot of work to do. We have to put our foot on the pedal and make sure we get ourselves right before the first game of the regular season."

S T.J. McDonald

(On how the defense responded to adversity in the first half)
"Yeah, as you said, we always want to start fast. We didn’t do that this game, but we bounced back. That’s one thing that we always talk about is responding. I think we responded real well. We have some stuff that we’ll go over in the film room and get better. One thing that we didn’t take for granted is our effort. I know we’re out there running to the ball trying to make big hits, make big plays. We just have to start faster."