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2015 NFL Preseason St. Louis Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts Live Thread

Preseason game three likely marks the last we'll see of any significant time from the Rams' starters. With the Colts coming to the Edward Jones Dome offering a step up in competition, will the Rams offer a corresponding step up in their own performance?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Time to start wrapping things up and getting ready for the games that matter.

The St. Louis Rams will take on the Indianapolis Colts in warm up numero tres in a bit. Indy represents a big jump in opposing quality after two disappointing performances against Oakland and Tennessee.

Don't expect a ton out of a team that has stressed how "vanilla" they're keeping it. Apparently, so vanilla as to not have any flavor. It raises the question as to how vanilla other teams, especially their two opponents, are keeping things and why they've had more success, but the regular season will settle those things.

If the Rams' starters and immediate reserves put up another underwhelming show tonight but find success in the regular season, it'd be fair to disregard the tune-ups in retrospect. But if the early trends continue and the Rams put up a hallmark Fisher Slow Start™, the lack of effort the staff has put in to ensuring these preseason offerings offer anything of substance will be something we can point to of clear systemic importance...and dysfunction.

In any case, it's a playoff-caliber opponent in Andrew Luck and family for a young team trying to reach that level. That's fair late August entertainment regardless of how you slice it.