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Post Practice with Fisher, Foles 8/25: Gassers and Sassers

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and quarterback Nick Foles fielded a few questions from the media after practice on Tuesday. Here’s what they had to say about the health of Brian Quick, Todd Gurley, “gassers” and the upcoming game against the Colts...

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher – Post Practice- 8-25-15

(On if he had a ceremony for the passing of the yellow hat from WR Brian Quick to RB Todd Gurley)
"We discussed it briefly, but Brian was really excited to have the opportunity to take it off. It makes sense that just the defensive guys recognized it. Not quite ready yet, but he’s getting close, and it was great to have him back on the field. We got in a few reps with the team."

(On how both Gurley and Quick looked to him today)
"They were fine. Yeah, they look good. Kind of what we expected. Todd was excited to get in there, get a few offensive reps and get challenged with protections and formations and all that stuff. So he was good. We’ll just continue to probably do this for the next few days and then we’ll just add reps for him as we move forward."

(On how he felt Quick did today)
"Brian is cleared and ready to go. He’s ready to go. We expect him to play this week. So it was tremendous effort considering the news that we got once we examined the shoulder after the Kansas City game, because there was significant damage to it and there was some question as to whether he would return. (Head Athletic Trainer) Reg (Scott) and his staff, the doctors and you have to credit Brian for the hard work, so he’s back and ready to go."

(On the importance of keeping sixth-round draft pick Bud Sasser in the organization)
"It was a difficult situation that we were dealing with. We spent a lot of time with him and his mom and the doctors. We made a decision that we felt was in the best interest of him and then at time we some internal talks about depending on what he wanted to do, we’d like to bring him into the organization and give him an opportunity. We’re really excited to have him on board. He’ll be working in the alumni relations and youth football. It’s just a great opportunity for him. He’s an outstanding young man that obviously had something that was clearly out of his control, and I think he realizes that this is the best thing for him from a future standpoint so we’re glad to have him on board."

(On having some gassers at the end of practice)
"We’re getting ready for Seattle. That was the only reason for that."

(On what he would like to see more of in preseason play)
"Well production…you know, scoring. I’d like to see us tackle a little better than we did on defense. We’ll continue to evaluate players and we’ll play everybody just a little bit more, but I’d like to see a little bit more production out of our offense."

(On if the starters will play the entire first half against Indianapolis this weekend)
"There’s a chance that they’ll go to halftime. It really depends on the number of reps. You know, it’s so hard to measure because if you’re defense gives up a 10-play drive and it lasts for six or seven minutes, then you’re cutting reps away from your offense. I told the defense in our meeting, in a lot ways I’m kind of glad that they gave up that touchdown pass at the end because I got to go to our two-minute drive for (QB) Sean (Mannion). We had one timeout left and the worst thing that would’ve happened had they converted the third down, then we would’ve been done. They threw a touchdown pass with a minute fifty-five left and we had a good two-minute drive. It’s all about time as they kind of relate to reps. I don’t think it’s necessary for us right now to go through halftime and come back. Most of our guys have done that before."

(On if he feels that Quick is capable of picking up where he left off last season)
"There’s no reason why we would think he’s not capable. At that point, he was productive. He was making a lot of big plays for us. He was in the right place at the right time. He was blocking really well. So we just have to get him back in a couple of preseason games before he’s ready to go."

Nick Foles – Post Practice- 8-25-15

(On what they’re trying to accomplish in the third preseason game)
"I think offensively, we just need to move the ball, get some points on the board. I think going into this week, we just need to focus on the corrections, execution and really just getting into a rhythm. Football is a rhythm game, so getting out there, getting into a rhythm early and really just getting the ball into the endzone, putting some points on the board and just showing improvement. That’s why we come out here every day. Study the game film, come out here, fix the corrections and move forward and progress. Just want to keep progressing and get the ball moving."

(On getting tangible results in the preseason)
"It’s really important. I think every week you need to improve, whether in practice or in the game. The games are a little different, just for the game planning, the week is totally different than it is during the season, but I think just going out there and executing your plays, getting comfortable, like I said, moving the ball and putting points on the board. This is a great time for us just to get ready, because the season is right around the corner, so these last two preseason games are really crucial."

(On getting some normalcy to the week after traveling last week)
"Yeah absolutely, I think just being here. It will be our first game at home. Like you said, getting into a normal game week, that’s great. Just the opportunity to really game plan a little bit. We’ll have more time to watch film. We’re not practicing against another team, so that’ll come in handy. I’m just excited about moving forward with these guys and improving each day."

(On if he’s excited to get the preseason over with)
"I’m going to use every day to my advantage right now. We’re still getting this thing going. We’re still improving, so right now I really just want to take advantage of each day we have. I’m not sure on the day count, but each day is very important to us. We’re a young team. Like I said, I want to show improvement in this third game and just get the ball moving. The season will get here when it’s here. These practice days are extremely important to us."

(On how much the early offensive struggles are because of lack of execution versus not having the full playbook open)
"During the preseason, you keep it vanilla, but at the same time you still want to execute. You still want to move the ball. You’re still playing football. Is the whole playbook in the game? No, but do we need to execute better? Absolutely. That’s on us. That’s on me. We have to execute better and that’s something that coming out here today was a point of emphasis and that’s each and every day."

(On getting RB Todd Gurley back and him taking the next step in his rehab)
"It sort of surprised me handing the ball off to him or checking it down. It was great having him out there. He’s going to be an impactful player in this league. I’m excited to get him out there and see what he’s capable of doing. I know what he was capable of doing in college, so I’m excited to see what he does on this level for us."

(On how much he knows about Indianapolis’ defense)
"Right now, I know I played against them last year, so I know a little bit about their defense. Right now, today was more of a correction day for us and then moving on to Indy. Indy is a well-coached team. Their defense is really going to be disciplined in what they do. We know that their offense is a solid offense and their defense is comfortable in that. It’s a great team, so I’m excited about playing against them."

(On how much film he watched on the Colts)
"As much as I can until the game. Just trying to study the defense, to study their preseason games. Study what they did last year, because a lot of teams install each and every preseason game, add a new wrinkle, so they might have something more than what they have shown in the preseason the first two games because this is sort of the dress rehearsal for a lot of teams. But, as much film as I can get in."

(On how much he’s looking forward to getting WR Brian Quick back)
"Oh, I’m excited to have him back out there just running routes, getting the cap off his head. He’s such a big target and he’s got a big range of catching the ball. So, he’s a big piece of this offense so I’m excited to get him out there and most importantly healthy, because his injury was an injury you didn’t know if he would be able to come back from and the good Lord really watched after him. It’s exciting to see him out here and healthy and running around and catching the ball."