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Random Ramsdom: 1st Stringers Get Roasted by Titans

That was ugly.....

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Titans Spoil Fisher's Return | Yahoo! Sports

Not that the game mattered, but Fisher did get a rousing applause from Titans fans

Former Mizzou Players Torment Rams | StL Today

You can blame it on the practices against the Cowboys, but I'm officially worried.

5 Takeaways from Said Beatdown | St Louis Rams Official Website

That being said, there were some positives in the game.

Chris Long Loves Zeppelin...and Clean Water | 101 Sports

Love seeing athletes put their fame and fortune to good use. Class act.

Does Kroenke Care? | 101 Sports

Kroenke isn’t seeking to build a team. He has sought, since the day he bought the franchise, to build an investment. He sees the team as nothing more than a license to print money.

Can we take these stadium issues behind the shed yet?

Brian Quick Progressing | ESPN

I expect him to be the team's most productive pass catcher in 2015.

- Nick Wagoner

What Impact will Gurley Have? | ESPN

To be blunt... not what you'd expect from a #10 overall pick.

Rams to Sponsor Athletic Trainers at StL High School Games | ESPN

The owner may not support StL, but the team does it's part.

Tru Ready to Resume Role as Starter | Fox Sports

If Lamarcus Joyner can play like he did on Sunday, the Rams can survive the E.J. Gaines injury

Fundamentals Fellas.... | ESPN

You gotta tackle and block. Simple as that.

Bradford Throws Hissy |

You think THAT is a dirty hit? Sorry. I'm with Suggs on this

Aaron Donald Expectations | Ramblin Fan

How can the Defensive ROY follow up his stellar rookie season?


Changing the tunes up a bit today..... ENJOY!