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2015 NFL Preseason St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans: Rams Put Up Second Consecutive Poor Performance, Lose 27-14

The Rams' starting units struggled again in their second game of the 2015 preseason.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Well, let's take this around the block.

The O-line

The Rams have three weeks until they face the Super Bowl-experienced Seahawks in week one of the regular season. There's not much we've seen from the starting units to inspire confidence there.

QB Nick Foles

I'd like to think the early pick six via CB Perrish Cox was more a Foles read into what WR Kenny Britt was going to do than a bad "decision". Still, a final line of 3 completions on 7 throws for 18 yards and a pick is hard to just explain away. It's not coming together all around yet, and it's tough to believe that Foles isn't part of the reason why.

The D-Line

Two games, 0 sacks. If you're not having flashbacks to 2014 yet, give me some of what you got.

The Coaching

There's something inescapable when in the moment when Nick Foles and Kenny Britt combine for a mistake that costs the team a touchdown, I immediately wonder why Jeff Fisher doesn't hold mandatory minicamps or why they cancelled their practice on Wednesday, a practice that won't be made up meaning they'll only hold 19 of the allowable 20 practices.

There's something inescapable about Jeff Fisher lauding his team for cutting down the penalties in training camp and then getting flagged 10 times in Oakland and nine times in Nashville tonight.

There's something inescapable about being a Rams fan and being forced to ignore history and ignore context and ignore trends and place your optimism in the sheer ignorance of faith.

We've seen this before in games when it mattered more. For a team trying to exorcise those demons and usher in a new era of Rams football, this isn't convincing even when it doesn't have to be.

But it is concerning. And Rams fans know concern.