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St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans: 10 Players To Watch

Tevin's got his eyes on these 10 Rams tonight.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

OT Greg Robinson

Robinson is a typical Ram offensive lineman: strong in his run blocking, while being raw in pass blocking. In fact, that is exactly what was shown last week against the Oakland Raiders guarding Khalil Mack, granted Mack is a pretty good player. It will be interesting to see how Robinson plays this week and see if he can show progression in his pass blocking.

QB Sean Mannion

Mannion looked pretty good last week, and this week I would expect more of the same as he will play against the third string. What I am interested in seeing Mannion getting hurried by the defense.

RB Isaiah Pead

Pead is probably on his last shot with the Rams. Last week he looked okay, but he just does not look like a quality running back when he runs the ball. This game probably will not change anyone's mind, but maybe this is the week for him. As things stand, the only reason he is above Trey Watts is because Watts will be suspended for four games to start the 2015 season.

DE Martin Ifedi

It is hard being a seventh round pick and making the team, but it is even harder when your position is the strength of the team and they have solid depth. Honestly, while watching Ethan Westbrooks last week, Ifedi kept jumping out of the screen to me. A couple of good games could make the Rams want to keep Ifedi on the roster.

WR Chris Givens

Givens looked pretty good on the field against the Titans. The Rams are giving Givens all the chances to see if he can become a part of the wide receiver rotation. It will be nice to see Givens go out for a long touchdown this week.

LB Bryce Hager

The Rams have drafted many linebackers, but normally the middle linebackers usually not needed to play. However, Hager flashed some ability against the Raiders, it would be good for him to have a solid game.

Brandon Washington

Washington could not have started his season worse than he did. When Rodger Saffold went down, Washington was the next man up. As soon as he steps on the field, he misses a block contributing to a sack on QB Nick Foles.

Christian Bryant

Bryant is fully healthy and although he did not get much press from the media during training camp he has a chance to make the team. It will be interesting to see how he covers deep and if he can make an impact.

WR Bradley Marquez

Marquez has had a solid training camp and he showed an ability to get open. He should be on the field with the third string and should show he can still get open

CB Marcus Roberson

More than likely, Robinson will be the player to slide up if one of the corners get hurt. He is fast and has good size, but it would be nice to see him have an impact against an average offense.