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Random Ramsdom August 21: Rams a Divisive Group

The jury is very much out on this squad. Will they flourish or flop?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Reasons the Rams D will be Special | 101 Sports

Flexibility, key personnel entering their primes, depth, etc.

Jones a Mentor for Young OL | 101 Sports

He may not earn the starting gig, but he has become a leader off the field.

Tru is Back | AP

He's at 100% after injuries marred his 2014 campaign and looking to solidify his future with the team.

Not Everyone is Drinking the Kool-ade | Bleacher Report

A loss to the Browns? 6-10? Call me a homer, but I think 10-6 is more likely than 6-10

But Peter King Is.... | St Louis Rams Official Website

Peter King trumps Bleacher Report.

Week 2 Breakdown | Bleacher Report

Can the Rams improve on their Week 1 showing?

Cowboys Blame Cheap Shots | Fort Worth Star Telegram

What about the cheap shot by Randy Gregory? They glossed right over that...

Saffold Out Week 2 | ESPN

I hope that they're just being cautious...

Rams Expect Tru to 'Handle' CB Job | ESPN

Well yeah... only reason he lost his gig last year is because he wasn't 100%

53 Man Roster Projection | ESPN

Some minor surprises here, but nothing earth-shattering

Make or Break for Fairley? | Grantland

I'd say he's in a win/win situation, but hey... that's just me.

Rams Pleased with Oxnard Practices | ESPN

Read: They're glad that they fought the Cowboys and not each other.

Torry Holt wants Magic Want for Rams | Fox Sports

He wants to keep the team in St Louis... maybe he should get with his former coach, who just bought into the arena league

Make or Break Season for Rams | Grantland

It's a long read, but it's worth your time. If you only read one of these links, read this one.

Rams-Chargers Deal Likely | StL Today

Could Kroenke Force the NFL's hand?

Jerry Jones Uses Oxnard Practice to Back Kroenke | StL Today

It's well know where Jerry stands on the LA issue even if he won't come out and say it.