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2015 NFL Preseason: Thursday Night Open Thread, Live Updates

Week 2 of the preseason rolls on with a pair of games including an ESPN headliner.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions at Washington, 7:30pm ET - game coverage

There's some intrigue here with another tune up for RGIII and Jay Gruden's second-year efforts to turn things around in D.C. Of course this one doesn't have the national TV banner, so you'd either need GamePass or to live in those markets to catch this one.

There's also a Rams angle here. We head to Washington in week 2; in week 14 in mid-December, the Lions head to the Ed.

Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns, 8:00pm ET - game coverage

This one's on ESPN, so feel free to enjoy the action with the starters early. Plenty of intrigue here talent-wise, but Buffalo has TONS of people sitting out injured. They're in 53-man cut tape mode. Let's be honest though. It's the Johnny Football Show. For however many plays he gets...

In any case, there's football available tonight and that is always a good thing. Yay.