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Are Fisher and Snead Meeting Expectations?

The Rams front office has already faced adversity... do you think they've handled it well?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

From injuries to playing time, relocation to contract extensions... the Rams have dealt with a lot of issues already this preseason.

They kicked things off by extending new QB Nick Foles on a bargain deal (for QBs at least). That was followed with the unfortunate E.J. Gaines injury that essentially moved every CB up a notch. The team has build up a considerable amount of young - unproven - depth at the position so they may be able to withstand that hit.

Though it was only the preseason, football is football. The Rams went to Oakland and largely disappointed fans. The offense had a few big plays, but stalled out soon after. The defense also had a few plays, but had their issues as well. It's pretty much what you expect out of week 1 in the preseason...

With the LA situation looming over the franchise for the foreseeable future, it wasn't a good sign for the city of St Louis when Mr. Kroenke showed up in Oxnard for the Rams workouts. His actions could end up tainting the job that Snead and Fisher are doing - and doing well in my opinion.