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2015 St. Louis Rams Training Camp: Head Coach Jeff Fisher, QB Nick Foles, TE Jared Cook Post-Practice Interviews

Here's what the Rams' head coach, quarterback and tight end had to say about the atmosphere yesterday.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(On the reaction from the crowd at the first Oxnard practice)
"The Rams used to be here so we’ve got a lot of Ram fans obviously and it was a great for them to come out. It was a great opportunity for them to see us in person. I remember last year when we played the Chargers in San Diego, we had a great group of people there that were really pulling for us. So, it was great to see them out."

(On Rams Owner Stan Kroenke being at Monday’s practice)
"I thought it was great. He and (Cowboys Owner) Jerry (Jones) are close and you’ve got two teams practicing against each other. Why not come out as an owner and watch them?"

(On if he thinks the team’s presence signals anything bigger to the people of Los Angeles)
"No, I don’t read between the lines. We open against the Seahawks and our focus is on getting better so we can compete with them."

(On the quality of the practice)
"I thought the work was great. (Cowboys Head Coach) Jason (Garrett) and I both talked to our teams about getting things done, respecting each other, because tempers have a tendency to fly when you compete against other people. We had a couple of push and shove things but other than that, I thought they worked really well together."

(On what he’d say to the St. Louis fans who are nervous about the team being in southern California this week)
"I’ve said this numerous times: we started this early in the offseason and I talked to a number of clubs to try to set something up to where we could practice because we needed it. It’s like buying yourself an extra preseason game. This is the best thing for us. It worked out. It has nothing to do with LA or anything else. We were just happy we had quite a group of fans here, but from a practicality standpoint and a convenience standpoint, this worked out best for us."

(On if he felt the support of the fans)
"Yeah, it was pretty impressive. We came by yesterday and we had a lift and they let us use their weight facility yesterday. They came out and it was all Cowboy fans here yesterday. It was great. We hope they do the same thing for us again tomorrow."

(On the blow that the team suffers by losing CB E.J. Gaines for the season)
"It is. He played just about every game for us…had a little issue at the end. To come in as a sixth-round pick and come in because of injury and keep the job, I thought it was a very impressive effort for him. We were counting on him. We were going to create competition between (CB) Trumaine (Johnson) and (Gaines) this year to see what happened and it’s just unfortunate and just a part of it. He’ll be back. He’ll be back 100 percent. He’s just not going to return this year. Tru is off to a great start. (CB) Marcus (Roberson) is playing well and (CB) Lamarcus (Joyner) also is doing a good job for us there and Jenks (CB Janoris Jenkins) is Jenks. We’ve got a good group and unfortunately we’re down one."

(On if it’s special to him to be close to where he grew up)
"Yeah, I got to go home and Mom cooked me a home-cooked meal last night, so that was good. Yeah, we’re staying in the same general vicinity. It’s kind of coincidental that we’re here. I’ve driven through this area many, many times."

This is the best thing for us. It worked out. It has nothing to do with LA or anything else. We were just happy we had quite a group of fans here, but from a practicality standpoint and a convenience standpoint, this worked out best for us.-Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(On if he learned anything through the Houston to Tennessee move that he can lean on in the current situation his team is in)

"At this point I don’t know much. I’ve been through it before. Once we got through it and got settled, we were a pretty good football team."

(On how he evaluates the work he can get with another team)
"You’ve got two different schemes offensively and defensively, and then the competition we had on special teams was outstanding. You’re not going against yourself every day. Players have to react. Obviously this is a 12-win football team last year so it’s good work for us."

(On his memories of Southern California football fans)
"I grew up here and went to school here and it’s a great area. I actually was here, I came back in 1991 with the Rams. They miss their pro team. It’s understandable. That’s why there’s so much talk about the potential of bringing a franchise out here."

QB Nick Foles

(On the fans at practice)
"They were awesome. Team’s been in L.A. before, so a lot of fans still support the St. Louis Rams and it was exciting for them to be out here supporting us, yelling throughout this practice with the Cowboys. We got a lot of good work in today and we can definitely feel them yelling and screaming, so it was exciting."

(On if he felt any pressure with Rams Owner Stan Kroenke in attendance)
"No, I don’t feel any pressure. It was awesome having him here and awesome getting to meet him. He does a great job with this organization."

(On if this was the first time he’s met Kroenke)
"Yeah, this was the first time. He’s a busy man, so I was able to meet him. Great guy. I can’t say enough about what him and Coach Fisher do."

(On what they talked about)
"Just getting acquainted."

(On if he had any idea there was still this many fans in southern California)
"I had an idea. My wife is form this area, I played in the Pac-12, so I know this area a little bit and know they still support the Rams and still love the Rams. You could see it out here today. They were excited having us out here and we were excited to be in here."

(On playing in the NFC East the last two years and knowing the Cowboys and if that was helpful)
"I’ve played against them, but there’s been some changes. There was a change in D-coordinator last year and I didn’t play last year against them, so it was a little bit different. Personnel wise, I was a somewhat familiar, but it was great. I’m in a different offense, so it’s fun just competing. We have respect for them and they have respect for us, so we got a lot of great work in today."

(On what the offense needs to work on after the Oakland game)
"In general, I think we need to continue to execute early. When we get the ball in the red zone, we really need to come away with touchdowns. I think we just made too many mistakes, penalties, maybe missed opportunities with reads, but that happens this time of year. You’re getting back on the field, you’re getting things going, game plan wise you’re only out there for a couple of series. With the film, watching the film you see so many things that you come out here and correct. I thought the guys came out here today and we’ve improved. We still have a ways to go, but I see us moving in the right direction."

(On if he’s ever gotten a standing ovation just for stepping off of a bus)
"Maybe high school."

(On how he felt the guys did today)
"Yeah, we got a lot of great work in. I leave the field today feeling great about the work we did. There’s stuff we need to clean up of course, but that happens every day. The effort the guys gave today was tremendous and we have to come out tomorrow and do the same thing. "

(On if the fans made them feel at home)
"Yeah, they were just as loud as the Cowboys fans, if not louder, which is exciting. It’s hard to expect that when you come into their training camp, but I thought the support today was tremendous and we could hear it and had a lot of fun seeing all of the Rams jerseys.

TE Jared Cook

(On if he was surprised by the reaction of the fans today)

"Yeah, I was. They told us it was going to be a lot, but I wasn't really expecting that many."

(On him not seeing that kind of crowd at a practice or scrimmage)

"Not at all. And they're not that rowdy either. With the Rams, this used to be their home city. I wasn't expecting to see that many people. It was pretty cool."

(On how he balances the talk of possible transition to LA)

"All you can do is focus on your craft. You're here to play football. You're not here to make any executive decisions. That's really the only occupational decisions we make is focus on our craft and focus on things you can control, which is us."

(On how he thought practice went today)

"I felt like it was really good. It felt good going up against a team that you don't see everyday and that's not predictable. So it was really good."

(On Head Coach Jeff Fisher getting the team together before practice to talk about how to handle the physicality of the practice today)

"Yeah, I mean it wasn't anything big. It was just things get heated. Tensions get high. They run high, but it was no big deal. It was good quality work against those guys."

(On how he feels the offense is progressing coming off of the preseason game)

"You know, when was that? It was on Saturday. No Sunday. Sunday, we just went out and just worked on a lot of things that needed to be corrected from the game. I think we're starting to get a little bit more attitude. Guys are starting to understand, especially the young guys, on how the game tempo goes and just how the game worked. I think it's going pretty well so far this week."

(On how he thinks facing a team that had 12 wins last year will help their progress)

"It's huge. You're facing a playoff team. They have good quality football players and guys that can fly around the ball, so it gives you kind of a game speed to the reps that you do get out of practice out here. So it's really good for us."

(On if he enjoyed the home field advantage today)

"It was nice having those guys come out and support us. It was pretty awesome of them."

(On his reaction to when he came off of the bus to the fans chanting)

"I just couldn't believe it man. I think we had a lot more fans out here than Dallas did. It was pretty awesome."