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Random Ramsdom 8/18/15: Rams Greeted Passionately in California

The Rams, with the distinct possibility of relocating to Los Angeles, arrived in California and were greeted as jovially as possible.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Robert Quinn sits down for an interview, one on one.

Chris Long sits down for a one on one interview.

Nick Foles fields questions during his press conference in Southern California.

Perhaps the most unfortunate occurrence thus far, the Rams lost  EJ Gaines.

Fisher fields questions during his press conference in Oxnard.

Cook sits in for a press conference after practice.

Mannion, the Rams' newest addition at QB, debuts solidly in the NFL.

Viewed from the other side, the Titans look to host the Rams in their first home preseason game.


A few scuffles emerged, but the Rams and Cowboys got along generally well.

Southern Californian NFL fans show up in huge numbers for the Rams.

Here are some sticking points for the Rams/Cowboys practices.

Relocation questions linger as the Rams practice in what could be their future home.

Nick Foles compliments the offense he'll be playing in.

Possibly the best units on each side of the ball, the Rams and Cowboys battle ferociously.

The Rams claim some spots on Grantland's fantasy team.

After many years away, LA football sparks some emotions in California.

Around the NFL

I suppose confidence is always a positive...

Stats show a slight correlation between preseason record and playoff chances, but it's nothing major.

With teams relocating to Los Angeles, division swapping is a strong possibility.

One quick fact about each team leaving training camp.

A common theme these days, Eli Manning wants the big bucks.