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2015 NFL Preseason St. Louis Rams vs. Oakland Raiders: 10 Things We Learned

A weekend separated, here's what's sticking after the Rams' uninspiring loss to the Raiders on Friday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

  1. The offensive line needs more time. I know, shocking that a newly constructed line wouldn't be Pro-Bowl ready five positions across in their first game action. The first unit struggled in the run game, but played better than I was anticipating in pass pro. The depth on the line was much worse, so if we're as thin as it seems, that first unit better get it together...and stay healthy.
  2. Oh and also stay healthy. Don't forget to stay healthy. Should more Rams get injured? No. No they should not. I think they should stay healthy.
  3. Quarterback play, like the offensive line, could be a huge issue for the depth. I'm eager to see Sean Mannion continue to develop, but Nick Foles should just live by #2 above.
  4. The receiving depth, on the other hand, was a nice surprise. Guys were getting open and providing decent windows. Bradley Marquez's athleticism was obvious. OC Frank Cignetti was clearly keeping it easy for the QBs with such a conservative offense, but as that changes, if the wide receiving unit plays at or above the bar they set on Friday, Rams fans will be pleased.
  5. The defensive cohesion was an issue. They struggled on some long Raider offensive drives to just get off the field with Oakland converting 7 of 11 third downs. Trumaine Johnson's interception right at the goalline helped the game look much less ugly for the D.
  6. The defensive depth did perform very well in run support though. Of course, Oakland's running back depth isn't all that great, especially when Trent Richardson is missing holes like these. With the Titans up next, I wouldn't be surprised to see another strong performance in this area.
  7. I'm not sure we learned too much about the second half performances. Without knowing most of the assignments, it's tough to gauge. And without the All-22, it's near-impossible to feel much certainty about most of the Rams' individual performances. If anything, a shift in the depth chart and some adjustments to the snap counts would reveal the coaching staff's reaction more than anything.
  8. Speaking of the snap counts, the guys who got a ton of playing time are clearly candidates the staff is on the fence on. Is QB Case Keenum worth keeping around? Does TE Alex Bayer need to stick on the 53-man this year? What kind of depth on the offensive line do the Rams have with C Barrett Jones, G Garrett Reynolds, G Brandon Washington, OT Andrew Donnal and OT Darrell Williams? The coaches may not have gotten full answers, but they at least tried to get there.
  9. And on the coaching front, expect more crafted gameplanning this week. The obvious intent from the Raiders game was just to get field time for these guys. There wasn't much cohesion from a schematic standpoint. That's fine. It's the preseason. By game four though, you've got to have a script. The Rams, of course, will, so let's see how that begins to take shape in Nashville.
  10. Last and most unleast, the penalties have to stop. They won't, but they must. They burn my soul.