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Random Ramsdom 17 August: A Case of the Mondays

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

ICYMI: Gaines out for Season |

This is a tough pill to swallow.

Bates has MCL Sprain | AP

He will be out 'about a month.' Not optimal, but by all means not the worst of the news for the Rams this weekend.

Rams Have Everybody Back On Defense (Sort of) | AP

Losing E.J. Gaines for the season hurts, but this D has high expectations for itself.

"Sky's the limit. I've said that a couple years in a row here and it really is," Long said. "With Gregg calling the plays and with the talent we've amassed and the cohesiveness that this unit has, we can do anything we want to do."

"We've got to try to pitch a shutout every week," Long said. "It's not going to happen, but you shoot for that. And it's going to happen a couple of times."

Quinn and Tru Troll Raiders Fans | Bleacher Report

Robert Quinn and Trumaine Johnson reminded Raiders fans of what happened the last time these 2 teams met in a meaningful game.

Still No Word on Saffold Injury | ESPN

Bates' knee turned out to be a dodged bullet. Fisher has yet to confirm anything with the Rams fragile LG though. For what it's worth, he has said he doesn't expect it to be long term. But then again... didn't he say the same about Gaines?

Fisher Likens Potential Move to Divorce | USA Today

Then tells them to only worry about the standings.

Top 3 Highlights from Rams-Raiders | Cover 32

Couple of nice passes and Aaron Donald being Aaron Donald.

How'd Nick Foles Fare in Oakland? | Cover 32

It's the first preseason game... ups and downs are normal right?

Which CB Will Step Up with Gaines Out? | ESPN

Will the real Lamarcus Joyner please stand up?

Rams Mailbag | ESPN

Nick Wagoner looks at the Rams roster battles after the preseason opener.

Somebody Stop the Penalties! | ESPN

Aggressive is one thing, but this team crosses the line a little too frequently.

Quick Glance at the 2016 Hall of Fame Candidates | Football Nation

Two foundational pieces of the Greatest Show on Turf will be on the ballot. They both deserve the honor, but may have more waiting to do.

Fantasy Players being Over-rated | Football Outsiders

So... they want you to pass on Adrian Peterson at #1? Not a chance.

Rams won't See Dez in Practice | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Sorry Janoris. This rivalry will have to wait for the time being

Top Rated Players from Week 1 | Pro Football Focus

Trumaine Johnson (+1.7)

Matt Longacre (+1.6)

Rob Havenstein (+1.5)

Cody Davis (+1.4)

Bryce Hager (+1.4)

The Rams need Tru to play like that now that Gaines won't be around for insurance. Seeing big Rob there provides some hope as well...even if it was against the Raiders pathetic front.

Foles Pleased with Fast Start | St Louis Rams Official Website

He sounds legitimately excited to be a Ram. Gotta love the enthusiasm.

Rams Set to Practice vs. Cowboys | St Louis Rams Official Website

Fisher praises the rookie right side of the OL too. Worth a look.

Tavon Flashes in Opener | StL

I want to see this EVERY WEEK.