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Rams vs. Raiders: 5 Bold Predictions

The St. Louis Rams head out west tonight to take on the Oakland Raiders. It’s not going to be pretty for one team. Here are five bold predictions for this Friday night-er...

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Quinn Gets Three Sacks

Robert Quinn and Donald Penn - the Raiders’ left tackle - have met twice since 2013; once while Penn was in Tampa Bay [2013] and last year in Oakland.  In those two games Quinn has tallied six sacks and two forced fumbles...all while Penn was on the field.  Quinn won’t be out there long, but he’s going to keep a good thing going.  That good thing? Making sweet sweet gifs of turnstile Donald Penn.

Nick Foles Throws For Three Touchdowns

The last time Nick Foles faced the Raiders was as a Philadelphia Eagle.  In that game, Foles threw for  406 yards and 7 three quarters.  Obviously Jeff Fisher won’t have his starters out there for long, but he’ll have them out there just long enough to send a statement.  And that statement is that they made the right move swapping QB’s and that Nick Foles has no respect for the Raiders whatsoever.  It’ll probably look something like this:

A 26 yard strike to Jared Cook who breezed right by Raiders’ starting linebacker Ray Ray Armstrong.  A 39 yard TD pass to Stedman Bailey, who was simply too quick for 38 year old Charles Woodson.  And lastly, a dump off to Cory Harkey who breaks about four tackles on his way to paydirt from about six yards out.

You’ll know the Rams’ QB's night is done when the smile under Jeff Fisher’s mustache gets about 2 1/2 inches from Foles’ face.

Isaiah Pead Rushes for 100 Yards

I’m not going to quote you stats on this because there are none.  It’s just a gut feeling.  Pead was considered one of the top rushers in college football heading into the 2012 NFL draft, where the Rams selected him 50th overall.  He was supposed to be handed the baton from a great lineage of RB’s like Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk, and Steven Jackson.  He grabbed that baton...and then he fumbled it repeatedly.

But not tonight.  Watch iPead work. heard it here first.

Jenkins Locks Down Cooper

You remember Amari Cooper right?  The wide receiver that the Rams were supposed to draft to save their offense.  Well, he was long gone by the 10th spot, and it wouldn’t have mattered because the Rams were going to take Todd Gurley anyway.  But I digress.  Jackrabbit will get to cover the Raiders’ first round selection for a few series tonight, and while the black and silver faithful are hopeful for a big night from their new stud wide receiver, they’ll have to wait at least another week.

Janoris Jenkins is going to lock down Cooper this evening to the tune of one catch for 6 yards.  Sorry, not sorry.

The Rams Score 48, Making It 100 Unanswered

Nick Foles will have put up 21 before he sits the rest of the night out and lets the backups get to work.  And with the big night Isaiah Pead is about to have, getting to 48 points tonight will be a breeze.  The Rams put up 52 on the Raiders in the regular season last year, so adding another 48 this evening will help get them to the century mark of unanswered points.

Oh, the unanswered part?  The Rams have one of the best defenses in the league.  And because of that it’s very difficult to score points.