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Nick Foles and The Logarithmic Touchdown-Mindblown Scale (LTMS) - Part 4

In our final installment of the Nick Foles Logarithmic Touchdown-Mindblown Scale (NFLTMS), we wrap up our series by running through Foles' final SEVEN touchdown passes. We know you are pumped for the preseason, so we want to overload your senses with MOAR TOUCHDOWNS. Let's go!!!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening!  We know you are excited about Rams' football!  We'll stoke the fire by showing you some Foles final seven TD's in 2014.  The last two are amazeballs.

Foles final seven touchdowns had the following distribution by opponent:

  1. Two (2) versus the St. Louis Rams (wait, that's his new team!) in week 5.
  2. Two (2) versus the New York Giants in week 6.
  3. Two (2) versus the Arizona Cardinals in week 8.
  4. One (1) versus the Houston Texans in week 9.

Let's jump right in and finish strong.

Week 5: Rams

Situation: 13-7 Eagles, 0:30 left in the second quarter, 1st and 9 at the Rams' 9 yard line.


NFLTMS Magnitude: 5.4

This one did not exactly knock my socks off; I believe that Foles got away with one here.  Foles knew exactly where he is going with this one pre-snap, believing that a Riley Cooper vs. Janoris Jenkins matchup would be in Cooper's favor should there be a jump ball situation.  There was, but Foles actually delivers the ball a little flat, and the ball would probably be picked 9/10 times by Jenkins, who is in good position to defend the fade to the corner.  This was the 1 out of 10 where he mistimed his jump and allowed Cooper to pluck it and maintain control.

Situation: 27-7 Eagles, 2:15 left in the third quarter, 2nd and 10 at the Rams' 24 yard line.

NFLTMS Magnitude: 5.8

Ah, a blown coverage that allowed the dangerous Jeremy Maclin to get behind the defense for an easy six.  Pretty frustrating.  You can see how upset captain James Laurinaitis was at the decision by the slot corner to sit, obviously not on the same page with the rest of the defense.  Foles took advantage of this, correctly identifying the missed assignment and hitting Maclin in the end zone for a pitch and catch.  Nothing too fancy about this one, upsetting to watch as a Rams fan.  Hopefully these issues are ironed out in the second year of Gregg Williams' scheme.

Week 6: Giants

Situation: 3-0 Eagles, 4:02 left in the 1st quarter, 3rd and 6 from the Giants' 15 yard line.

NFLTMS Magnitude: 7.8

Oh my goodness this was AWESOME.  This is what you want your QB to do in the face of high pressure.  Watch as a nifty spin move frees the defensive tackle to come and destroy Nick Foles right as he releases this pass.  Knowing he is going to be completely plastered, Foles throws to a spot in the end zone before TE Zach Ertz comes out of his break.  This is a case of "throwing the receiver open" as the coverage is airtight.  There is no panic here by Foles, he puts the ball where only Ertz can get it (with a highlight catch).  What a fun touchdown.

Situation: 10-0 Eagles, 9:16 left in the 2nd quarter, 2nd and 4 from the Giants' 26 yard line.

NFLTMS Magnitude: 6.5

This was a beautifully designed and executed play.  Designed roll out, which Foles sells well, and gets to his space quickly.  Foles actually reminded me of (gasp) a healthy Sam Bradford with this toss on the run to TE James Casey (Foles loves his TE's, paging Jared Cook).  Watch how Foles puts the correct amount of air/zip on the ball to throw it over the under coverage but not cause Casey to alter his route.

Week 8: @ Cardinals

Situation: 0-0 tie, 4:47 left in the 1st quarter, 2nd and 10 from the Cardinals' 21 yard line.

NFLTMS Magnitude: 4.2

Nothing really exciting about what Foles did on this play, other than a good option sell and a nice hop throw (turning the double play from 2nd base I guess).  The play is well blocked by Evan Mathis, who springs Maclin for a 21 yard catch and run.  Foles threw for 411 yards versus the Cardinals.  Four hundred.  Eleven.

Situation: 14-10 Cardinals, 2:31 left in the 3rd quarter, 1st and 10 from the Eagles' 46 yard line.

NFLTMS Magnitude: 8.9

This throw is everything I love about football.  This is a Halley's Comet of a throw.  It doesn't come around often, but when it does, it takes ever fiber of your being to not run into the streets and look for it to arc across the night sky.  The play starts innocuously enough, with a fake bubble screen to Zach Ertz.  Foles then sets his feet to a very clean pocket with plenty of room and scans left to right.  He has all day.  Oh, is that Jeremy Maclin running up the right seam with the safety trailing?  I believe it is.  Foles uncorks a bolt from Zeus as he is hit to hit Maclin in the end zone.  The throw is perfect.  I'm done.  But we've got one more.

Week 9: @ Texans

Situation: 0-0 tie, 11:09 left in the 1st quarter, 1st and 10 from the Eagles' 41 yard line.

NFLTMS Magnitude: 8.3

Finish strong!  Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  Thank goodness we're not ending on boring touchdowns, we are ending on 8's on the NFLTMS scale, enough to emotionally charge us for real games.  The play starts with a read option (take note Coach Cignetti), with Lesean McCoy and the line pulling right while Foles gets protection from the front side tight end.  Very good play design.  Foles has time to find Jeremy Maclin (who is inexplicably single covered with the safety coming down to cover Jordan Matthews) and uses his entire body to drive the ball 50+ on a line.  Foles puts enough air to hit Maclin in stride for six (Foles is clobbered again, tough bastard).

This would be Foles' last touchdown of 2014, as he suffered a broken collarbone later in this game.


A few notes, to summarize Foles' 2014 touchdowns:
  1. Foles loves him some Jeremy Maclin.  Who will be his Jeremy Maclin in 2015?
  2. Foles loves his TE's.  Expect Jared Cook to have a big year if this continues.
  3. Foles will need speed up his release a bit more with this young OL.  We expect him to take some big shots if he doesn't.
  4. Foles has plenty of arm strength, but is not Aaron Rodgers and cannot rely on arm alone to drive it.
  5. Foles has no fear.