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Random Ramsdom 14 August: Gurley May Miss Week 1

I don't care if it's only the preseason or that the lower half of the roster will be playing. Football is back!!!

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Don't Sleep on Mannion | 101 ESPN

He ran a pro-style offense in college and has prototypical size. Could he end up being the backup QB in 2015 for the Rams?

Governor Dismissed from Case | AP

I'm no legal expert, but they say that it's another barrier cleared for staying in St Louis.

Nixon Confident StL is "NFL City" | AP

'NFL City' is not the same as 'keeping the Rams in StL

Rams Staying in SoCal to work with Cowboys | AP

The move caused much controversy when announced, and the players want it resolved as much as anyone of us do.

Rams @ Raiders Preview | Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report offers up it's story lines for the Rams preseason opener

Can the Rams Cut Down on Penalties? | ESPN

Penalties have plagued the Rams in the Jeff Fisher Era. Will they correct it in 2015?

5 Teams on the Rise | ESPN In$ider

Could the Rams be one of 5 teams on the rise? I'm not sure.... I don't pay for in$ider access

Don't Expect to See Starters for Long | ESPN

File this under: No Shit.

Can Rams D be the Best in the NFL? | ESPN

It's a stretch, but not out of the question.

Foles Contract Breakdown | ESPN

The contract dips into the Rams 2015 cap pool a bit, but is extremely manageable.

Film Room: TJ Mac | Football Outsiders

Really great stuff about the stud of the Rams secondary.

Givens Impressed with Foles | Fox Sports

Count Chris Givens as those who prefer Foles over Bradford.

Is Foles Missing Piece? | Fox Sports

Combined with the maturity of the roster as a whole, Nick Foles may just lead this team to the playoffs.

Gurley Likely to Miss Start of Season |

There was buzz that non PUP-ing him meant an earlier return. Expecting him to play Week 1 may be asking too much.

Barron Easing Back | StL Today

Safety Mark Barron is still less than 100%. will he be able to find his role before the season starts?

Rams Legend wants Rams in St Louis | StL Today

I don't care where they play. I just want them to play to their potential

NFL Seeks 'Certainty' in StL | StL Today

NFL wants to see 'risks' taken care of in order to get 'certainty' to avoid litigation. Stop treating the team like a lawsuit and like a part of the community. You'll get a lot further.

Rookie OLs Look to Thrive | St Louis Rams Official Website

Big Rob and Jamon Brown ain't scurred.

5 Players to Watch | St Louis Rams Official Website

Count the two big uglies among those you want to keep an eye on tonight.