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2015 Rams Roster Preview: WR Kenny Britt Is The Rams' Best Receiver

Everybody deserves a second chance. When Kenny Britt did not work out for the Tennessee Titans, the Rams gave him one. He did not let them down.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

When the St. Louis Rams signed Kenny Britt before the 2014 season, many did not agree with the decision. Honestly, there were great reasons why people were down on the signing of Britt - he did not show much while playing with the Tennessee Titans, and he was basically run out of town.

However, when Britt reunited with his former head coach Jeff Fisher, it appeared to have an energizing effect. Surprisingly not only did Britt produce during the season, but he also became one of the leaders of the offense. In fact, the Rams were so impressed with Britt (also their receiving corps is still weak) that they re-signed him for two more seasons during theoff season this year.

Roster Battle

As of right now, there is Kenny Britt... and then a list of names where any of the receivers could show improvement or continue to disappoint and neither would be a surprise. Brian Quick appeared to be the Rams number one option, until he tore his rotator cuff. Although he has been practicing, the jury is still out. Then the Rams have two third-year pros in Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey; the jury is still out on these two players.

It would not be a surprise if Britt is the best receiver on the team again.


Last year with a rotating door of mediocre quarterbacks, Britt was able to produce solid numbers - 48 receptions, 748 receiving yards, and three touchdowns. This season, it is easy to expect Britt to at least produce as well as he did last season now that he has a solid quarterback. Nick Foles should be able to make his receivers play better than they did in 2014. If they are better than that, it should help Britt gain better matchups.

Realistically, the Rams have to be hoping that Britt can become a second option for Foles. Britt is a solid receiver, but as a number two, he would be able to get those favorable matchups, and the Rams offense needs as many favorable matchups on offense that they can get.

Chances of making the roster (10/10)

There is no receiver on the roster who is safer than Britt. He wouldn't be the number one receiver on many teams, but for the Rams he is a reliable option among the maybes on the team.