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2015 Rams Roster Preview: Big Michael Brockers Will Continue To Be Counted On

The Rams are set at defensive tackle. The question is will Brockers be able to improve and become a better player?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams might have one of the best defensive lines this season; however, that has not always been the case. In fact, in hopes to build their line from average to above average they drafted Michael Brockers during the 2012 NFL Draft with the 14th selection of the draft.

Brockers is now one of many contributors to a great defensive line. While often overlooked because he does not generate a ton of sacks, he is an important part of the defense.

Roster Battle

Brockers is the starting defensive tackle for the Rams and it does not appear like that will change anytime soon. The Rams did add former Detroit Lion Nick Fairley in the offseason, however he should not be a threat to Brockers. The Rams rotate their defensive line frequently, so in theory both players are starters and it will depend on the situationas to who will have the most snaps throughout the game.


The expectations for Brockers would depend on who you ask. What the Rams want from Brockers is not something that shows up consistently on the statistics, Brockers is the run stuffer for the Rams. Obviously the Rams want Brockers to disrupt the pass whenever he can, but that is not his primary skill set.

Chances of making the roster (10/10)

Brockers is safe. There is no chance that the Rams will release their starting defensive tackle this season. More than likely he will become a stable on the defense for multiple years.